Comment from the football expert of The above ball is difficult to consider as an adjustment from the England coaching staff, because soon after that, everything was restored. Both Shaw and Trippier continued to hold the low position and then went up rather than moving up, and the England team continued to have a little difficulty to penetrate the “West Asian concrete”.

However, that situation is a good background for rich English players to express themselves.

For example, right in Bellingham’s goal to break the balance, Harry Maguire had an opportunity to recognize the opportunity and put the ball through the line perfectly through the first line of defence. This was a good game for a centre-back who is under a lot of pressure at club level.

The commentator of Vn88 sport said that no matter how good Maguire plays, even John Stones is better. Guardiola’s students are really a beat machine of the Three Lions in this match. A lot of the ball, he even showed Maguire and Declan Rice directly where to move to receive the ball, to attract opponents, to create space.

Stones passed 70 times, the most of 22 players on the field in the first half, and more than the entire Iranian team combined. He has extremely reasonable possession to slow down when needed, is ready to dribble to occupy space and lure opponents out of position, and even absorb and overcome competitive pressure. from strikers, Iranian midfielders.

Also achieving a 100% pass accuracy rate like John Stones and truly the brightest star of this match, Jude Bellingham deserves praise in his World Cup opening.

Bellingham almost perfectly compensated for the weakness of Declan Rice’s ball support. The 19-year-old midfielder is constantly moving to support the downline, acting as a bridge between the Vn88cx sponsor and the players, so he is perfect and even constantly present in the penalty area to find the last situations. together. It is no coincidence that he appeared to score the opening goal near the 5.5 m line.

It is also possible to give praise to Kane and Saka when they also did a good job of creating and finishing tasks. However, Maguire, Stones and Bellingham deserve to be considered the names that have made up for England’s tactical problems in the opening of Qatar.

That is unprecedented in the history of major tournaments in world football. Particularly, the match between England and Iran has a total of 27 minutes of injury time if counting both halves (14 minutes of injury time in the first half). That’s the statistics of Vn88 mobile in the last few matches, this is a record in World Cup or Euro history, if not counting games postponed because of a special incident.

The two matches between Senegal – the Netherlands and the US – Wales also have 11 extra minutes of injury time at the end of the match. The match with the least injury time since the beginning of the tournament, between Qatar and Ecuador also had 6 extra minutes at the end of the second half.

The spike in extra time in the 2022 World Cup, compared to previous major tournaments, is within the adjustment of the World Football Federation (FIFA) to make the match fairer and more attractive.

Collina’s explanation

“What we did after the tournament in Russia (2018 World Cup) was more accurately calculate the added time,” Vn88 sport commentator, said last week. “We’ve told people not to be surprised if they see the fourth referee (the table referee) hold up the electronic board with a big number on it, 6, 7 or 8 minutes.”

In England’s 6-2 victory over Iran on the evening of November 21 (Hanoi time), the referee raised the stoppage time table for 14 minutes for the first half and 10 minutes for the second half. Never before has a match in modern World Cup history featured so much extra time.

Even if the injury of goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand (Iran) or the referee’s VAR check interrupted the game in the first half, adding 14 minutes of injury time is unprecedented in the World Cup. The second half of the match also ended only after 13 minutes of injury time because the referee had to resort to VAR at the end of the match – according to Vn88cx.

Mr. Collina said the change in stoppage time in the 2022 World Cup to make the matches more accurate. The former Italian referee explained: “If you want more live ball time, you have to be ready for that much extra time. Think of a three-goal game. A celebration usually costs a lot. about a minute or a half. So if three goals are scored, the game will take about five or six minutes.”

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