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Although Cannabis has been wrongly mislabeled for being harmful, research has become increasingly comprehensive on some of Cannabis’s positive benefits. One of over a hundred chemical compounds in the marijuana plant is one popular substance called Cannabinoids or CBD. 


For the smokers out there, you may know of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the substance that makes you feel “high.” Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive and has many medicinal benefits without the psychedelic mind trips associated with marijuana. 


What is CBD OIL and How to Take Them

CBD oil is formed by extracting the cannabinoid from the Cannabis plant. They come in many forms, and you can take them through edibles, droplets to your tongue called Sublingual products, topicals which are skin applications, and vaping or smoking. The most important thing when looking to purchase these CBD oils is to ensure quality. You want to make sure the oil is lab-tested by a third party, since it is currently not regulated by the FDA. It’s better to purchase them from a United States grown organic Cannabis. U.S. cannabis is prohibited not to contain over 0.3 percent in THC. 


Alleviates Pain 


CBD oil helps relieve pain by helping your brain receptors better respond to pain. For example, people who suffer from chronic pain may take CBD oil, which will help reduce inflammation. The CBD 


Reduces Depression and Anxiety 


Depending on the CBD you intake, it may have sedative effects or feelings of euphoria. With one study, participants who took a CBD dose of 600mg found that it helped with reducing their social anxiety to give a public speech. 


Treat Cancer Symptoms 


Although CBD has had conclusive studies that show definitive treatment or solutions to cancer, it has shown positive signs of potentially reducing cancer symptoms. For example, CBD oil has shown to have beneficial effects of decreasing the reproduction of tumor cells and reducing inflammation in the body for cancer patients. 


Reduce Acne 


A research study performed by the Journal of Clinical Investigation concluded that CBD Oil could prevent regular activity in the sebaceous glands, halting the production of sebum. This oily substance causes the acne. 


Improve Heart Health 


One of the main effects of CBD is its ability to reduce stress and cause relaxation. A primary factor in high blood pressure is the cause of continued high stress. Studies have indicated that even a single dose of CBD leads to a decrease in high blood pressure. 


Misinformation and False Advertising about CBD 

As mentioned earlier, the market of CBD ventures into uncharted territories. With CBD products being unregulated, it’s a free for all for sellers to try to squeeze out every penny from consumers. These sketchy companies can create misleading labels with filler ingredients being used and inadequate testing protocols. Some companies may flat out life and contain THC psychoactive effects without any warning. For buyers, it’s essential to choose a company that has their CBD oil tested by an independent third-party lab and can verify it’s sourcing.D* is one of the only trustworthy sources of CBD oil sellers in the market by focusing on rigorous testing and organically grown products. Their delta 10 CBD gummies is a broad spectrum containing both CBD and THC for maximum minerals and health benefits. 


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