Finding the best tarot readers can be challenging and expensive. Tarot reading costS a lot of money, and you cannot afford to keep shopping around and trying different tarot readers and hoping that you will eventually find the best one.

Some tips you need to consider while choosing a tarot reader 

Learn about the tarot reader

Firstly you must read about the tarot reader from their website, LinkedIn page, Instagram feeds etc., where they maintain an online presence. Learn about their preferred reading style – practical, productive, or spiritual. Check if they are straight to the point or if they read around the different stories that cards symbolize and what deck they use for a tarot reading.

Ask how they visualize themselves as readers – predictors, counselors, or spiritual guides. You also have to be clear at the back of your mind about what type of reading you prefer, so you understand whether the tarot card reader is your best bet.

Have a personal connect

When choosing the best tarot card reader in India, you should always strike a personal connection with your reader. You can quickly know whether you connect with your reader while they read for you. It is all about the vibes you get from them. Readers who share the same vibration as you are often the most suitable. You can also see whether you would connect with them by reading their social media profiles, looking at their photo, exploring the website, or even asking them questions about the preliminary reading. You can also read the blog if the tarot card reader has posted any.

You can keep looking for a better alternative if you still have doubts or do not feel the connection. Remember, it always boils down to personal choice. Your friend may think that the tarot reader is not worth his salt. But you may click.

Get your details right

Keep a few things in mind if you want an online tarot reading. Check out the price of the tarot card reading to make a clear choice. Find out precisely what you are paying for, how long the reading will take, and the tarot reader will draw how many cards.

Be clear about what you expect the tarot reading experience to be like and how to what extent you hope the tarot reader will answer your queries.

Read the testimonials, reviews, and client feedback

Most tarot card readers share testimonials and reviews about the tarot reading services they provide. Some readers request feedback from the client immediately after tarot reading. It is a sign that they care about client satisfaction. Please do some research and check out the reviews and feedback to know what their clients have to say. If someone recommends you a reader, ask for their thoughts and reading experience. It will give you a fair idea.

Look for experience, certifications, and associations

Some professional tarot readers choose to become certified with different titles like certified tarot advisor or certified tarot master. Always remember that certification is a personal choice. Some good tarot readers may have yet to have any certification. But certifications offer an excellent assessment of tarot readers’ worth.

Some tarot readers might also be part of reputable associations in their domain. It is always advisable to check the tarot readers’ experience and how long they have been in this industry. Also, if they teach tarot card reading, it suggests their interest in the field.

Ask for a sample tarot reading

One of the best ways to check if the reader’s style is perfect for you is by getting a sample tarot reading done. Some tarot readers do not offer sample readings, but there is no harm in asking them. A sample tarot card reading would give you an idea of how the reader will interpret the cards, how much time he is devoting, and what style the reader is using.

Check the fine print

Several psychic camps offer a free tarot reading or a low-cost reading only to know about the insights you need. After the subsidized cost reading, you may have to pay a considerably high amount. You may be encouraged to make this costly purchase to clear any negative blocks, as the reader is aware of your requirements after the first reading. So you must know what you are getting and not be fooled by scammers.

Look for ethical codes

Ethical tarot readers have their code of ethics or defined boundaries within which they will or will not read the tarot cards. Moral terms and conditions will vary for each reader.


The above-mentioned points must be kept in mind while choosing among tarot readers. Good tarot readers charge a reasonable fee, but you should always stick to your budget when selecting the right tarot card reader online.

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