A child’s brain develops up to 90% till age five. That means the first years of learning are critical. It also includes language learning. The likelihood of reaching excellence at that age is vital. Parents want their children to learn as much as possible during that time frame.
Every parent wants their children to learn English, as it is gradually becoming a universal language. Technology has made learning quite simple. For example, you can access several videos available on the internet to help enhance your speaking abilities.
Because English is a universal language, it is critical to spend time with your child and assist them in learning to communicate in English.
Some youngsters struggle to communicate in English. Others are bashful. However, no one wishes to make errors.
Now, many schools provide English lessons for kids. American School Riyadh is one such school that helps children excel in their speaking skills.

Effective Ways to Help Your Child Improve Their English Speaking Skills

In today’s world, knowing how to speak English is essential. Fluency and command of the language are becoming increasingly important among youngsters. Therefore, spoken English is becoming a necessary aspect of education in India.
Creating a pleasant and encouraging environment at home can help your child feel more confident. Tell them that making errors is an ordinary and necessary aspect of learning a language. Everyone makes errors; that’s how we improve. However, if your child is not yet ready to talk, do not pressure them or exhibit displeasure. Here are some ways you may help your child improve their English communication skills:

Audio Book Listening:
Audiobooks are an excellent approach to including English into your child’s daily life.
Your child will learn by listening to engaging stories that capture their attention.
It is much more appealing than picking up a book since your child may learn the language hands-free. He can listen to fascinating stories that make your child’s imagination wild.

Keeping an English Diary:
Journaling early can help youngsters improve their language skills. It encourages them to record their everyday thoughts and activities in English.
This habit enhances their correctness and fluency. As kids journal more, they will get more comfortable with grammar and phrase use. The grammar and phrase knowledge has a direct influence on their spoken English.

Make Speaking Activities Exciting:
Please encourage them to participate in fun, light-hearted activities. It will increase their enthusiasm for learning the language, enhancing their Spoken English abilities.
Say the phrase in different ways. For example, with a cheerful face, a sad face, singing opera, and pretending to be tired. Have fun with your creativity. Your toddler will take delight in repeating the words while creating those funny faces.
A toy replica of an English-speaking cartoon character will also be fun for your kid. Inform your youngster that this toy only speaks English.
Engage in a private dialogue with the toy to urge your youngster to do the same.

International Preschool
International preschools emphasize internationalism and follow an international curriculum. Most international preschools serve children of diplomats, foreign organizations, and missionary programs who are not local to the host country. However, your kid can study in a private or public international preschool. However, it is unknown how many preschools are international.
Teaching faculty at international preschools often have certification requirements from their home country. That means they need to meet the host country’s criteria in which they wish to teach.
Most nations do not have severe certification systems for preschool instructors. However, recent UNESCO research and recommendations have resulted in stricter compliance criteria in several countries, including the Philippines and Singapore.

How can we practice English without feeling stressed?
Here are some ways to help your children gain confidence:
Don’t press your child to provide more extended responses. If all they can speak at the moment is one word, that’s OK.
Look comfortable so your child understands you agree with what they’re saying (however brief!).
When your child speaks, do not interrupt (or allow anybody else to interrupt).
Keep ‘mistakes’ in mind for later. Don’t interrupt your child’s speech. Stopping to correct makes it challenging to establish verbal fluency. It can also be detrimental to confidence.
Allow them to use words and phrases they are already familiar with to improve their confidence.
Examine their comprehension of questions and directions. If necessary, use your first language to clarify.

These are some methods for helping your youngsters enhance their English-speaking abilities. But, before you do anything else, instill a good attitude toward learning English in your children after studying English yourself. Only then can you assist your child in learning English. Learning together is an excellent approach to spending time together and fostering a pleasant environment. Also, the school and college environment needs to be supportive. American School Riyadh is one such that provides an excellent opportunity to learn English.

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