How Big do Red Nose Pit Bulls Get

The size of a Red Nose depends on the breed of Pit Bull it belongs to. A typical American Pit Bull Terrier stands between 17 and 19 inches in the upper part on the withers. They weigh between 30 and 85 pounds.

However, XL Red nose Bullies such as Hulk can weigh as much as 173 pounds. Therefore, there is a many variations in the breeds of bullies that are not APBT.

What is a Red Nose Pit Bull, Really?

The Red Nose Pit Bull is an Pit Bull with a red copper, liver, or coat. It is characterized by the classic “red” or brown nose leather and lips. It also has nails that have striking amber or yellow eyes. There may be white marks.

The term Red Nose Pit Bull usually is a reference to an American Pit Bull Terrier. The color could appear on any one of the Pit Bull breeds.

Most of the time breeders will offer Red Nose puppies for a greater price, while claiming that they are scarce. It’s not true, as only those who truly come directly from the Old Family Red Nose line are extremely rare. A quick Google search will provide plenty of Red Nose pit breeders not of this line.

Do Pit Bulls Have Pink Noses?

A nose with a pink color isn’t distinct from a red one. A nose that appears pink is merely an uncolored nose.

Sometimes, a pink-nosed Pit Bull may have its pink nose due to albinism. In this instance it could be blue eyes with white white. A dog that has white the snout could also have a pink nose since the skin surrounding it is pink.

In other instances it is possible that the nose appears pink due to the fact that it’s an a red dog that has an inactive gene. A dilute gene results in less melanin to the coat. This causes the colors of cream, lilac (isabella) or champagne shades.

Be aware that less pigment could result in problems like skin sensitivities or sunburns.

What’s the Difference Between a Red Nose and Blue Nose Pit Bull?

Only difference that exists between Red Nose and the Blue Nose Pit Bull is the color.

It is believed that a Blue Nose Pit Bull is actually an black Pit Bull which has been bred with this dilute genetic. This creates the illusion that the black is “washed out” to a blueish-grey hue. They also have the traditional blue nose.

Inbreeding to produce color can encourage interbreeding. Blue color is not uncommon. In fact, a basic dark Pit Bull may be preferable as it’s more than in need of a suitable place to live due to


Pit Bulls aren’t hypoallergenicand shed. However, their coats are very short and easy to maintain.

General Care of a Red Nose Pit Bulls

The majority of Pit Bulls are energetic, strong, and athletic dogs. They usually require plenty of daily exercise as well as mental stimulation. You should plan for a minimum 60 minutes of intense training with you and your Pit Bull every day. Quiet Animals- Animals That Make No Sounds


Pit Bulls are tough dogs that are quite capable of adapting to changes. They are best when they’re near to the owners of their pet as they can be because they’re affectionate and loving pet owners. Their short coats, as well as short noses, means they must be monitored at all times, in cold and hot temperatures.

Although they enjoy being inside with their family members They also love having a play area in the garden.

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