Area Rugs Affect You & Your Health

Health comes Rugs at your home or workplace can affect both your mental and physical health. No need to be shocked, because little things you never notice can make you healthy. Rugs help by trapping bad air particles to keep you healthy while also providing you with a stress-free, comfortable environment.


Besides giving a classy look, a rug can also have an impact on a person and their health, both in a good and bad way. Studies show that handmade shaggy rugs have more positive effects on a person’s health than machine-made rugs.


Let’s see how a rug affects your health.

Some Positive Effects Of Rugs On Your Health

If you are keeping your rug clean, vacuuming it almost daily, and also providing it with handwashing or steam cleaning once a week at least, then your rug will also take care of your health in a good way. There are some points enlisted below to explain how a rug is maintaining your health.

1. Comfortable Walking

A hard surface can be harsh on your feet. Hard surfaces are prone to injury. Hard surfaces are cold almost every time but a rug placed on them can give you a warm feel. Customized area rugs give a soft cushioning effect to your feet. 


You can comfortably walk on the rug without a single thought of getting hurt by the surface. Having a rug under the feet (or to avoid a hard surface) is a must thing for diabetic patients especially if they are old age group.

2. Provides Safety

Landing on a hard surface after a fall can cause injuries. An area rug provides safety especially for the children if they fall. Rugs provide safety and decrease or reduce the chances of injuries. Fluffy rugs are helpful in making you fall smoothly on them. The chances of injury reduce if there is a rug placed on the floor.


3. Pollution-Free Environment

A good rug with saturated fibers helps to entrap the air pollutants, dust, and bacteria from the environment and keeps it healthy for you. Rugs are good for people having low immunity or dust allergies because they are great at trapping air dirt. The rugs will make your air healthy to inhale and reduce your allergic issues. 

4. Helps To Reduce Respiratory Disorders

A rug with saturated fibers and a good fluff with a balk (a nice count) of fibers helps in reducing respiratory disorders by keeping the air clean. Rugs are good at trapping bad air i.e. harmful allergens. They make you breathe in good air and keep your lungs healthy. 

5. Overcomes Body-Ache Issues

When you walk on tiles or wood (hard surface), It will not only make your walking uncomfortable but is also a reason for body-ache issues. As your feet move on a hard surface, the pressure exerts on the acupuncture points under your feet, and this uncomfortable pressure causes body aches. Having a rug under your feet provides your feet with soft pressure on the acupuncture points and gives you relief from pain. 

6. Reduces Noise-Pollution

Studies show that soft material is good at absorbing sound waves. Carpets and rugs are soft and fluffy. A room without a rug feels noisier than a room with a rug in it. Rugs are soft because of the fibers and the fiber count. 


The large rug will have more fibers and hence absorb more sound wave frequencies than a small rug. Observations show that the noisier place in a home is a drawing room and a T.V. lounge mostly. Everyone should place rugs in these rooms to avoid noise pollution which can be damaging to the ears. 

7. Rest On A Rug 

Some physiotherapists recommend avoiding bed if you are having backache issues for so long and ask you to sleep on the floor having a rug under you. Rugs are comfortably relaxed and help in reducing energy flows in your body that will eventually the body aches. 

You can get a comfortable sleep with a calm sense of mind. 

8. Helps In Reducing Stress Level

Besides providing you with a comforting environment the rugs are good at dealing with your mood swings. Stress can influence a change in your mood every second. With a busy routine/life, a person normally unknowingly remains in a stressful situation. 


Rugs are found to control your stress levels by keeping you comfortable and providing you with good health. Good sleep can make your body regulate your hormones and hence produce a regulated level of the happy hormone that will help in lowering negative emotions like anger, jealousy, hate, etc, and helps in maintaining a good mood. 

Some Negative Impacts Of Rugs On Your Health

It is important to vacuum your rugs on an almost daily basis so that the harmful particles it entraps for you won’t be so many in a place, otherwise, they will be harmful to your health. Rugs can keep the air healthy if they are clean otherwise, they can be a boost to your respiratory or allergic disorders. Be careful with the cleanliness of your rugs.

The Bottom Line

A rug has a good impact on a person’s mood and health. The rug provides us with comfortable walking and a smooth landing after a fall. It helps in trapping bad air particles and bacteria to help your respiratory tract stay healthy. 


The rug also traps harmful bacteria from the environment which will help you improve your health status. It helps in reducing stress level to make you mentally healthy also if you sleep on a rug it helps in reducing abrupt energy flow, helps in hormonal regulation, and keep you stress-free.

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