MetaMask is a significant bridge to decentralized applications (dapps), whether you want to use decentralized finance (Defi) applications like Uniswap or to create NFTs on OpenSea. However, MetaMask is seen as a gateway into a new internet. which is accessible without centralized control.


This article will cover how different tokens are added to your MetaMask wallet through an easy, step-by-step process. Though MetaMask is the bridge to Defi (decentralized applications), you will be needing transport to pass the bridge. ERC20  and other Ethereum tokens will be the data that MetaMask utilizes to land you into the world of decentralization.

Adding Different Tokens to MetaMask.


Ether (ETH) is been added to your MetaMask by default. You don’t require to go via this process to initiate depositing and withdrawing ETH. For other tokens like ERC20, you need to add them to your MetaMask asset tab.


For smart contracts on Ethereum, ERC20 tokens are the standard protocol. You may acknowledge many of these like Uniswap, VeChain, Chainlink, and many others. This guide will help you to add them to your Assets tab to buy them thereafter.


Before adding tokens to your MetaMask, you initially have to set up your MetaMask. Moving forward in this article, you will find out how to step-by-step set up your MetaMask.


Step-By-Step explanation.


Now that you’re all set up, Firstly, you can go to your browser extension. If you’re using Google Chrome, it’s the middle piece at the top.


  1.  Tap on the MetaMask icon and open the application. Go to the MetaMask acc page and add tokens to your MetaMask. Click on the Assets tab, where you see Add Token at the bottom.


  1. After you tap on Add Token, you can later search for the kind of token you like to add. Type it in the google search engine similarly to how you would do any other word on a search engine.


  1. Once you add token/tokens, you will be able to view your tokens on the Assets tab.


  1. After you finish adding the required tokens, you will also have the chance of swapping your selected token for ERC20 or ETH tokens on the blockchain.


  1. However, the traditional way of adding tokens is heading to the Custom Token tab and manually filling an address. 


  1. To add the address, You will need to find the Token Contract Address, and copy and paste that into the Custom Token tab on MetaMask.


  1. To add tokens to your MetaMask, you can scroll down, find the token you want and click on it.  Also, you can go to the top right of the search bar and find the token of your choice there.


  1. Once you land on the page of your chosen token,  near the word contract you will find a series of letters and numbers. However, to find Custom Token, go to the add tokens page in your MetaMask extension.


  1. Hit next, and a screen will be displayed where you will be adding tokens and see it on your assets page again. You will now be able to accept these tokens at your address.


On mobile, the procedure is the same. However, you will find it a bit difficult to copy and paste the Contract Token Address on the mobile application.


And that’s it! You’ve understood with step by step guide to adding your tokens to metamask and are a step closer to tumbling into the decentralized ecosystem. Anytime that you need tokens, you can refer to this guide to refer the steps.


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