How Are the Women Shaping the Web3 Gaming Industry?

Even though there is still a need for more women in the Web3 industry, blockchain-based games for women may help make the industry more welcoming. The Entertainment Software Association surveyed that 48% of gamers in the United States are women. It’s also important to know that nearly half of all gamers worldwide are women. It is amazing that so many women have joined the billion-dollar gaming business. This, along with the expected huge growth of the GameFi sector, is a big reason why Web3 games with a focus on female players are being made.

Web3 Games Breaking Down Barriers For Women Players

Cointelegraph says that women make up 48% of American gamers. On top of that, statistics show that about half of all players worldwide are women. The fact that more and more women are playing video games is a good thing for the multibillion-dollar gaming industry.

This, along with the expected growth of the GameFi industry, has led to the web3 game development geared toward women players.

Play to Earn on Web3 Games

Beryl Chavez Li, who helped start Yield Guild Games, a global play-to-earn gaming community, says that the number of women playing blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity has increased significantly.

She thought that more women would be interested in play-to-earn games even though the odds are against them.

The Monetary Impact of Web 3.0 Gaming

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, talked about the link between money and making web3 games.

He said that in the long run, people from all walks of life would be drawn to the area that Cointelegraph was focusing on.

But he thinks that women will be especially interested in it because they want more freedom and security at work. This is especially true in developing countries, where women run microfinance and microlending.

The Digital Evolution of Web3 Games Around the World

Chavez Li, on the Fashion League’s advisory board, has noticed that many Web 3.0 games don’t have a clear goal and instead focus on first- and third-person shooting. She says that the Fashion League encourages people to make virtual items that could be sold in the virtual economy as NFTs in the future.

With a fun game, they’re giving creators an economic boost. Everyone gets more points as more people sign up. She said that virtual money could be traded for tokens of real money.

Chavez Li says that events like fashion shows, where players can meet and compete, will intensify the competition. The cross-chain features of Web3 give players all over the world more ways to play games.

Features in Web3 Games That Appeal to Women

There are a lot of web-3 game studios around the world that only make games for women. More and more people are playing games like Vogue League, where they can build their fashion empire for free.

Web3 Games Provide NFT

Theresa Le Battistini, the CEO and creator of Vogue League says that users can make their virtual clothing lines and sell them to other users for tokens that can’t be used for anything else.

Everyone must be able to play video games on the Internet’s third generation. In-game NFTs from well-known brands can show off their digital goods.

Le Battistini said that women like Vogue League because it gives them safe and interesting options. She says that women like mobile video games because they are easy to get into.

62% of people who own a smartphone say they installed a game in the first week they had it. Also, these numbers show that 51% of women and 49% of men play mobile games regularly.

In terms of both content and design, it is all about women.

The Feminine Quotient’s research shows that girls are drawn to interactive sites with beautiful designs and talk about women’s issues.

The Vogue League, a group of female designers and builders, made BlueberryXWorld. McDuff is known for saying that “anyone can enjoy sports,” but she thinks this feature will help ensure that women’s voices in the arts are heard.

The meta-avatars look like real people, with love handles and stretch marks, for example.

McDuff also said that the game would appeal to women because it is focused on community. He said, “Players can stop by the café to get a drink and talk to other people. Women are naturally good at leading strong, cohesive teams, so it won’t be a surprise to see them in charge of web3 companies worldwide.

The Value of Getting Players Involved

Lenny Pettersson, COO of the Swedish mobile game developer Antler Interactive and interim CEO of “My Neighbor Alice,” has said that communication and interaction between players is a key part of web3 studios’ games.

Pettersson says that players can pool their resources and work together to build an archipelago in this game. Pettersson says that players are already working together in the game’s Discord channel, where they share images and notes about, for example, the best places to fish.

Pettersson said that My Neighbor Alice’s focus on being a good neighbor came from the fact that it was made to look like tried-and-true games that women have liked in the past. For example, he talked about how important the chosen art style was. There is a reason why the artwork uses bright colors, silly elements, and a fairy tale style.

Women are attracted to Web3 for many reasons, such as looks, personalization, and building communities, and they need to be better represented.

Marcus Blasche, CEO and co-founder of Rumble Kong League (RKL), a game that combines basketball, play-to-earn, and NFTs, says there need to be more women who play Web3 or basketball. Blasche says that the RKL has the same problem, so the league has teamed up with Round 21, a female-led sports brand that focuses on community and working together.

Will Games Increase Women’s Global Participation in Web3?

It’s hard to say if women are more likely to play web3 games that help them feel more powerful.

Boys and men were the main audiences for the first “Web2” video games, but Petterson said it would be enough to say that good “Web 3” games for women will help bring more women into the industry. More and more games that are made for women gamers are coming out.

He thinks web3 companies are already making games for women because they know that women like and want to play. Pettersson says it will take a lot of work to determine how the tournaments went.

Web3 Gaming Market is Still Growing

Maietta says that when games become less black and white, Web3 should take the chance to make feminism and other forms of diversity a part of its own culture. Even though it is well-known, the Web3 games industry is still very young.

Several experts in the field say that developers are more focused on growing the ecosystem than on making it more diverse right now. Olga Ivanova, the content and community manager at Spielworks, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has said that the main goals of Web3 game developers are to “build solid in-game economies and improve the game design to at least AAA quality.”


It’s still not clear if more women will play Web3 games made just for them. Pettersson says that this question needs to be answered right now. He said, “It’s safe to say that high-quality Web3 games for women will bring more women into the industry,” implying that the first “Web2” games were made for boys and men. Women and girls now have a wider range of ways to have fun than ever before.

Because of this, he thinks that the Web3 industry already gives women priority because it knows that women like games and want to take part. If you want to put money into making web3 games, the best place to start is with a web3 development company.

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