Ho’opononpono is a practice and process that can help you to regain your energy and revive you from any form of damage that people or something might have caused you over time. It is a practice that was once predominant among the Hawaiian and meant for cleansing the memories from within. When people who are undergoing any form of depression, anxiety, frustration, worries, etc., engage in the practice of Ho’opononpono cleansing tools, it will be helped to purge and clean their memories in their subconscious minds that are causing them problems and thus enabling them to be free from limitations to live a worthy life. Through the cleansing process, your worries about how can Ho’opononpono help you sleep will be taken care of when you have gotten the inner peace and tranquility that your mind requires.

Ho’opononpono cleansing tools for self-therapy

The process of cleaning your memories from things blocking and limiting you involves the use of various cleaning tools that will erase memories that have been stuck in the subconscious mind and all forms of negative energies. All of the cleaning tools that will be discussed are not meant to be used, you can simply select any that fits your situation and you will get the result needed.

  • Ho’opononpono cleansing bracelets – These cleaning tools are in form of bracelets that will help you to clean your memories by wearing them. On the bracelets, there are different inscriptions on them like “Peace begins with ME”. “Peace within is World Peace”. “Let go and Trust. Wearing them cleans your memories (thinking and emotions) round the clock. HERE ARE MY PRODUCTS https://mabelkatz.com/english/store/category/accessories/
  • Pins and Stickers: Clean and erase, 24-7. Erase as we return to port or as we come home to paradise or heaven. It is used in cleaning both people that cause us harm and things that bring problems into our life by wiping them off mentally and physically. HERE ARE MY PRODUCTS https://mabelkatz.com/english/store/category/accessories/
  • Cleaning tools for money – orange Juice: when you are faced with money abuse, this is the cleaning tool for you. To transform your mind from money abuse, you make use of the orange juice tool by saying in your mind “I (mentally) fill a glass right up to the rim with orange juice” and put the money inside it mentally. The orange juice is a representation of the sunlight of God.
  • Cleaning tools that can be eaten or drank: strawberries and blueberries, blue solar water, pancakes, pretzels, coconut, toast, hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream, jellybeans, etc. these foods and drinks have a way it gives energy to your mind and erases memories in your subconscious mind.
  • Another cleaning tool is the breathing HA exercise that can help you clear depression, and anxiety, and erase all forms of negative memories.
  • Other Ho’opononpono cleaning tools are ice blue, dewdrop, eraser, flypaper, and more.

How Ho’opononpono can help you sleep

If you are experiencing insomnia, Ho’opononpono can help you get over it by saying the mantra prayer of forgiveness “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you”. Saying it repeatedly and having the in-depth meaning of the words for forgiveness, gratitude, and love will ease and erase things stuck in your memories and have a sound sleep.


Ho’opononpono cleaning tools are very powerful to clean the mind from all negativities and limitations affecting your life. When faced with insomnia and wondering how can Ho’opononpono help you sleep, just say the prayer of forgiveness as a mantra and you will overcome it.  Let go and trust.

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