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Looking for new house wall design ideas? Those empty walls are loaded with promise, and a few tweaks might turn a house into a home. Continue reading if you are ready to transform those plain, barren walls into beautiful focal points. We have the methods to brighten up your walls and bring out your individuality and taste, regardless of your style. Whether you are an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls may be personalised to surround you with the things you love. Discover wall décor ideas that can make your home seem stylish.

Choose large-scale art

In a tiny area, a big artwork or image will demand attention and set the tone. In a minimalist environment, try a black-and-white portrait, or inject colour with a vivid abstract painting.

Design a gallery wall

Nothing beats a gallery wall for style and colour. Add wall hangings and other ephemera to a collection of paintings or photographs. To liven things up, go with simple, cohesive frames or a number of elaborate alternatives! Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to make the space appear larger.

Include an accent wall

Consider decorating the walls in addition to displaying items on them. Make an accent wall with a bright and dramatic paint hue, or add pattern using wallpaper, stencilling, or other artistic paint techniques. (While you are at it, consider altering your ceiling!) In a tiny area, these ornamental touches may have an even greater impression.

Display a cloth

A tapestry or wall hanging may give a splash of colour, pattern, and comfort to a neutral area. Think of framing old scarves or other lovely fabrics. When it comes to relocate, they are far easier to transport than framed paintings.

Suspend mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and make a small space look bigger and brighter. Hang a large mirror or arrange many smaller ones salon-style.

Create a mural

Add a mural to your walls to take you to another world. The theme will stand out whether you hand-paint it or use a wall covering.

Construct shelving

If you don’t have enough floor room for bookshelves, consider mounting them on the wall. Install floating shelves to showcase hardcovers, miniature sculptures, and other items.

Hanging plates

Why hide your fine crockery in a cabinet when you can show it off? Display your favourite dishes and serving platters with wire plate hangers. If you are a design item collector, this may be the move for you- we have even seen breadboards as works of art on the walls.

Showcase sculptural sconces

Sconces provide additional lighting without taking up room on the floor or a side table. To add light and elegance, choose an eye-catching design that also serves as a wall sculpture.

Go greener

Plants do not have to be confined to the windowsill. Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to bring some greenery and nature to your room. If you are not a fan of water, a high-quality artificial plant can be a good option.

Use macramé wall art to add texture

Macramé wall hangings from the 1970s are making a huge comeback. The weavings bring texture and warmth to the otherwise cold walls. You may either buy them or make your own.

Beaded wall art

You might also attempt beaded wall art. We adore the black-and-white minimalist design. The gorgeous item is handcrafted in Tanzania with glass beads from the Czech Republic.

Install carpets on the walls

We adore rugs, especially those with abstract designs. And, while they look fantastic on the floor, they also work well as wall décor. When two-by-three-foot picks are hung above a fireplace, they stick out. You may also go bigger and cover more ground. The possibilities are limitless and surprising, and we are ready.

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