1. Chauffeur Travel Makes A Statement

It is a huge difference to hire a taxi for someone else and book a chauffeur.

Taxis will transport them from one place to another, and provide them with easy transportation to their meeting. You can arrange a chauffeur-driven experience for your client so they travel in luxury to the meeting.

Important to remember that your client will travel by chauffeur in a luxury vehicle. You can choose from our executive or business fleet. You can choose from a variety of cars, including a BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class or Audi 8; however, if you book executive chauffeur services for your clients, they will be able to travel in a Mercedes E-Class and an Audi A6.

Chauffeur hire is a big gesture that speaks volumes. A professional image is key to making a first impression. You can rest assured that every member of our chauffeuring team is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and well-dressed.

  1. Our Chauffeur Services Are Customizable

Your client will feel comfortable throughout their journey with our luxury transportation services for business clients. You can also customize your corporate transportation experience to meet your client’s specific needs. You can provide Wi-Fi, newspapers, and even a charger for your mobile phone to make your client feel more at ease. This will help you build rapport with your clients and enhance their experience in your meeting.

  1. Public Transport is less versatile than private transport

Velocity Executive Cars offers corporate transportation services that have many advantages over public transport. First, public transport requires that you are dropped off in a specific area, such as at a bus stop. A chauffeur will pick up your client from a designated location and drop them off outside the meeting. This prevents any issues that might arise from your client wandering around in unfamiliar areas. You could arrange for your client to return the vehicle after the meeting is over.

Also, be aware of clients who are not local to your area. Your client may be traveling a long distance, such as to another part of the UK, or even internationally. They will need to travel by plane or train quickly to get to your area. The chauffeur driver could pick your client up at the airport or train station and take them back. This will reduce stress and delay that can be caused by unfamiliar surroundings.

  1. It doesn’t have to cost the earth

Each transport package is unique and tailored to the needs of each client, company, or industry. Because of this, no two jobs will be the same.

Although a chauffeur service can be a powerful gesture and makes an impression, it is not impossible to find corporate travel services. We can provide chauffeur services that are affordable and convenient to your location.

  1. A reliable transport service

A chauffeur can provide a luxury transportation service to your clients. However, a chauffeur can also be trusted to transport your client safely and securely.

You can be sure that your client will be met on time by our chauffeur executive transportation service. There can be delays on trains and other modes of transport with very little notice. Our vehicles have the most up-to-date Sat-Nav systems so that our drivers can monitor the route they are taking and, if necessary, can reroute the vehicle to avoid any potential problems.

Our chauffeurs are also highly skilled and have many years of experience driving and additional chauffeur training. You can trust our ability to take your clients to their destination in a comfortable and luxurious way.


There is intense competition in the modern age. It is important that your company seize every opportunity. You can entertain your clients with our chauffeur services and offer a reliable and customized transportation service to suit their needs. Our corporate transportation services are affordable and will help you achieve your goals at a lower cost.

Don’t lose your business opportunities. Hire us and take advantage of our chauffeur services.


All of our vehicles are brand new, from well-known manufacturers. All our corporate clients receive a premium chauffeur service, tailored to their needs, by our help desk staff, drivers, and managers. We are our best services in that particular area Oxshott, Chertsey, Woking, Addlestone, Weybridge Ripley Esher, Cobham taxi services.

Our chauffeur services in Bracknell and the surrounding areas will make a great first impression on all your clients. You don’t have to look for executive chauffeur services. Velocity Executive Cars offers them.


We are available to help you hire reliable chauffeurs and an experienced driver to transport business clients, business trips, and visits to clients. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

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