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You can make everyday in your life an occasion by looking at things in a different perspective. A regular gift can convey deeper emotions when you select correctly. You can also personalise photo gift items to convey specific messages. Here we have shared how you can get innovative with picture collage to create gifts that are memorable.

Collage of Name Initials

Most people celebrate the arrival of the first child in the family. The naming ceremony of the first child is a memorable event for the family. In India, the initials for the child’s name are decided after checking astrological charts. The initials are chosen to match the specific star or Nakshatra. You can create a photo collage of the child’s name’s initials as a gift for the naming ceremony. Select pictures of the child and his/her family to create a beautiful family picture collage.

Collage To Celebrate Landmark Events

We all have landmark events in our lives that are worth celebrating. Completing 15 years in a marriage is one such landmark event. Completing a decade in an organisation could be yet another landmark event. You can commemorate such landmark events in the lives of your dear ones with appropriate gifts. Order a photo collage online from Presto Gifts to mark the ‘10th Year’ in the organisation. You can select pictures of important days in the organisation to create the perfect 10 shaped collage.

Collage That Shares a Story

You may also create a picture collage that shares a story about the individual. This could be an excellent gift to give your subordinates when they are getting promoted. Include pictures of their success stories through their corporate journey.

You may also choose a photo collage to gift a sibling during her wedding. You can include photos of memorable days you have spent with your sister. She will always look back at the collage and feel a sense of nostalgia.

The options in photo collage gifts are countless. Explore the online gift website to see the different ways to create photo collage gifts for your loved ones. Some benefits you enjoy when you order photo collage gifts from Presto Gifts are:

  • You can place the order for the gift online sitting at your place. You can have the gift delivered to the desired address within the stipulated time. This will ensure that you strengthen the bonds without breaking social distancing norms.
  • You can make the payment for the gift online. It is a quick and efficient way to ensure no contact shopping for gifts.
  • It is possible to include messages and quotes with the photo collage. Take the opportunity to convey deep emotions to your loved ones.

Collage to Reflect Simplicity

Sometimes, collage gifts reflect your sense of simplicity real mermaid pictures. The hanging display photo frame is the best example of a simple collage of pictures. The beauty of this collage is that you can keep updating the pictures on the collage as the years pass by.



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