Cannabis is often considered a wonder drug. A taboo, sometimes a miracle, there has been a range of studies on the effects of Cannabis, with all concluding a similar result; Cannabis has beneficial properties.


However, often in popular culture, especially in older times, there was a taboo attached to Cannabis. Many countries still, in fact, regulate Cannabis and place it in categories of hard drugs, which include drugs like Cocaine, Heroin. 


Why was Cannabis regulated?

The United States ran a widespread campaign against Cannabis, popularly known as the “War on Drugs.” This led to other countries following suit, demonizing Marijuana. Cannabis has been shown to reduce dependency on other harmful substances like Cigarettes and Alcohol. However, the lobbying for Alcohol and Cigarettes was too intense, and bowing to pressure Cannabis was started to regulate. At the same time, surprisingly, no such regulations were placed on Cigarettes and Alcohol, which are far more harmful. 


Cannabis has also been associated with something popularly consumed by the African-American community. The War on Drugs used to fuel racism amongst Americans. 


Benefits of Marijuana 

While anything consumed in excess isn’t good for you, Marijuana has a range of health benefits confirmed by science and used by doctors. Thus, putting a prohibition on Marijuana while other drugs and harmful substances like Nicotine and Alcohol are sold openly is ignorant.


Marijuana contains CBD, which helps in stimulating the brain and has been shown to make the brain function better. Cannabis also contains THC, which acts as a pain reliever. Coming to the benefits of Marijuana, these are the most widely known benefits of it:-


  • Fight Cancer– Medical Marijuana has regularly been associated as a helpful drug in treating cancer. Chemotherapy sessions often involve the use of Marijuana to relieve pain.
  • Improved Lung Capacity– Marijuana has been shown to improve lung capacity, unlike cigarettes, making tar accumulate inside your lungs. Besides, there are a range of ways to consume Marijuana instead of just smoking, leaving no traces of any substance on your lungs.


  • Anxiety Treatment– Cannabis has been shown to calm the brain down. If you’re suffering from anxiety, Marijuana can help alleviate signs of stress and relax the brain.


  • Arthritis– As you grow old, your body and bones slowly start to deteriorate. Marijuana has been found to work as a pain reliever. Many balms and creams used by Arthritis patients contain elements of Cannabis to help alleviate pain. 


  • Help treat other addictions– Perhaps the most important and the reason Marijuana has constantly been lobbied against is the use of Cannabis to treat other addictions. Often being considered a gateway drug, in reality, Marijuana is the opposite. Marijuana has been shown to reduce dependency on alcohol and cigarettes and is helpful for people suffering from addictions. 


With all these health benefits, it can be seen that Cannabis has a lot of good uses. To learn more about the benefits or purchase high-quality marijuana seeds, visit I Love Growing Marijuana.


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