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Does it make sense to opt out of Google Ads?

Google is a company that stands out for its innovative ideas. The company created the search engine that millions of people around the world use to find information about services and products. Therefore, most companies around the world want to advertise their services there.

This is the company that showed the world the power of the internet. This is the company that introduced online advertising through Google Ads Perth. It is a remarkable concept that is very well received by Internet users all over the world. There are many people who benefit from these offers and earn serious income online.

This ad campaign allows blog or website owners to place ads from various companies on their posts or websites. When blogs or websites are visited by internet surfers, and consequently, they will see the advertisements present on the blogs. This will convince them to buy the product and provide more sales for the company.

The companies then pay Google for the ads placed on the blogs and in turn pay the blog owners.

Therefore, Adsense is actually an effective way to earn money online because you earn money even if visitors just click on your ads. Therefore, there is no sales effort in this program.

I honestly don’t believe it’s a good idea to opt out of the Adsense program. It is one of the best concepts that helps bloggers earn money even if they have to work without. He could continue writing his blog and have the dual benefit of expressing himself and making money.

This is why opting out of Google Ads makes no sense.

However, some online marketers underestimate the effort required to get enough traffic to their website and therefore give up and decide to look for other business opportunities. However, in this situation, you need to learn how to let go properly.

So how do you get out of this world of advertising?

If you’ve decided to opt out of the AdSense program, the first thing you should do is make sure you remove the code associated with the Google search portal placed on your blog. We are then strongly encouraged to communicate their decision to the support team via email.

Consequently, bloggers or website owners must remove the code that is displayed on their blog to remove blog ads. This is the process you need to follow to opt out of this ad program.


Another thing you need to do is if you have decided to opt out of the ad program, you need to make sure you remove the keyword portal related code placed on your blog. This will ensure that you have exited the world of AdSense in the right way.

Like anything else, telling an expert from an idiot can be tricky, but knowing the right questions to ask can ensure you find the right person

Obviously there is a lot more to these questions as they just cover the basics, but when you talk to a person who is brilliant at Google Ads, they are confronted with Google ad accounts set up by so-called experts and it is just shocking. one, the client had 2 different people working on an account that cost £5000 in one month… He had set up 5 negative keywords (having 100 as a start), he believed that £3000 of that cost was completely wasted.

1. What match types will be used on the account?

Brand matching would be the wrong thing to do as Google would decide which search terms to use and it could be very broad – as an example Google thinks property finance is similar to payday loans. You should search for bid phrases or exact phrase matches, such as if you were selling window blinds “window blinds” or “wooden blinds”.

2. How many negative keywords will you use in the campaign?

If the search doesn’t want a word or phrase, you should have it in your negative keyword search Aim to start 100 and focus on things like ‘free’, ‘work’ and ‘work’ including misspellings of these (individual words and broad match)

3. What geographic area is targeted?

For starters, consider geo-targeting in small areas. The Google “recommended” box is usually focused on earning money on Google, so make sure to uncheck the ones you don’t need. You can also focus on geo-modifying specific areas such as ‘Telford’ in the search.

4. At what time of day do you post the ad and on what day?

The time of day and other details depend on the call to action on the webpage they land on


By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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