Recovery is a lot of work. It’s a 24×7 hour job. There is no getting “there.” This is a continuous process. Recovery is something happening to you every second, with every breath you take. 


Only when you view the recovery process as a way of life can you extract the excitement out of it. Otherwise, you would be very disappointed. 


There is a reason why halfway houses in California have a set routine and recreation times for their inmates. Experts there encourage people to pursue their hobbies, even to take up employment while in the house. They are asked to keep a journal to express themselves. Expression brings clarity.


Seeing life through the “recovery” glasses 

It is important to have a broader view of recovery and be receptive to newer things in your life. You cannot be the same way you used to be. You ought to change your thought patterns, your lifestyle, even your peer group if you wish to embark on a new life. 


If you continue to hang out or keep in contact with the same “addict” friends, harbor the same beliefs and negative thoughts, you are bound to relapse. You must also address your deep-buried emotions and mental disorders if any. 


Spending time in a halfway house is more like a cleansing process for yourself. You embrace new routines and new activities in your life. A healthy diet, exercise, taking up responsibilities, finding your own confidence, and more form a part of your life. 


Learning to swim in the flood of emotions 

Earlier, you drowned in your emotions. Alcohol or drugs helped you do that perfectly. Now, you must learn to swim. This will teach you to tame your emotions.


The trick is to feel the emotions in a way that you do not “drown,” yet dive into them and come out swimming and landing yourselves safely. 


You feel, you heal, and then you let go. 


How to cope with life after drugs?

That’s what you learn during sober living. Experts recommend recovering addicts spend a few months in a house before they return to society. These months are crucial in shaping your thoughts and vision for life. 


Going off drugs is a tough task. Once you achieve it, you must maintain sobriety. That’s even tougher. You need a strong support system. You get it during the detox program. However, in a house, you learn how to cope when real-life comes calling you. 


So, if you or your loved one is just about to complete their recovery program, it is time to search for a suitable facility. You may live there for 3 months, 6 months, or a year. This depends on the severity of your addiction and any health or mental issue. 


You can easily find a house online through directories. You can either live in a house near your own home or live somewhere far away from home. Choose one that suits your recovery needs, budget, and other such factors. 


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