Hacks on How to Rock a Sexy Swimsuit Look
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My time is up with a one-piece swimsuit! And hello, sun-seeking stringy bikini!

Unlike last year, you will not hide behind oversized beachwear. Sir, that’s not possible! You can swap that one piece for a teeny bikini and enjoy the sun, sand, and waves. You’ll own the beach this summer with your tan, toned, and taut body. You can help yourself attain this goal by following these inspirational tips.


Hacks for The Best Way to Wear a Swimsuit

Make sure your swimsuit fits perfectly, has the right cut, is the right color, and comes from the right fabric. When shopping for a bikini, take your best friend with you. (It’s always best to get another opinion.)

For the best experience:

Before shopping, remove unwanted body hair.

The suit will look more realistic with this method.


If you self-tan, you’ll know what color bikini will look best with your summer skin tone.

It’s difficult to choose a flattering bikini color if you’ll be three shades darker by the time you wear it.


Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Be mindful of the excessive lighting in the dressing room and the triple mirrors. The natural light from the beach makes everyone look better. Your friend will inform you if you should reconsider your decision on a two-piece.


Try on suits without skipping your underwear.

It may give you a better sense of how you’ll look on the beach, but that’s just bad hygiene. (Yeah, you know why.) And after you buy that bikini, wash it first before wearing it.


Colors to choose from.

Since you can often buy bikini tops and bottoms separately, you don’t need to match. For example, choose a bright color for the top and black for the bottoms. Use bright colors to emphasize (e.g., your bust, hips) and dark, solid colors to downplay. Those with fair skin should avoid pastels, white, and earth tones. Oftentimes, these colors make you look “washed out.” Dark-skinned people should choose vibrant colors to provide good visual contrast. Colors like hot pinks and jewel tones can be very powerful.

If you have the body and confidence to complement them, bikinis are a great choice. There are many styles and colors of bikinis. Instagram user Ellie the Empress shows off her bikini-wearing skills well. Thanks to those tips, I have selected the right swimsuit for my figure and personality.

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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