Baba Ijebu Results

Men cannot exist without amusement. It’s a way for him to pass the time in his spare time. Entertainment can be passive, such as watching a movie or going to the theater, or active, such as recreation or sports. Games are a sort of energetic entertainment that provides leisure and enjoyment. With the advancement of computer technologies and the internet, online games have become the most popular form of entertainment among people, including gambling.

 Baba Ijebu Results Lotto, also known as Superior Lotto, is a prominent lottery organization in Nigeria that is privately owned by Kensington  Adebutu, commonly known as “Baba Ijebu.” Baba Ijebu Lotto is a lottery organization. You may play there for as little as twenty nairas (N20).

Baba Ijebu Playing Instructions:

The game includes numbers from 1 to 90, with 5 winning numbers chosen for each game, and all you have to do to win is try to guess at least two of the five winning numbers in whatever way you like.

There are two methods to play baba ijebu, offline and online. This is the main motive for this game; while playing, you will have a strong knowledge of Baba Ijebu.

Methods To Playing Baba Ijebu;

There are numerous methods to play, each with a distinctive winning sum. Starting with the least expensive method, there are Permutation, 2 Sure, 3 Direct, 4 Direct, and 5 Direct.

  • Permutation Of Baba Ijebu Results:

A permutation is a method of playing the lottery that increases your chances of winning. Permutation implies that you can mix up to ten numbers and win if just two of your ten combined numbers appear in the outcome.

Most individuals play permutation as a method to recover their cash back if any of the other highly winning combinations listed below fails them.

  • 2-Sure Baba Ijebu:

It is the most famous of all the many methods to play the game since it ensures a massive payout with a smaller risk than the others listed below. By 2 Sure, we indicate playing only two numbers from the five winning draw numbers. A 2 Sure example is 1 – 90 or 47 – 66, and if you play 2 sure with one hundred nairas (N100), you have a chance to win twenty-four thousand nairas (N24,000). 

However, keep in mind that you must match both numbers to win. You do not win if only one of your two numbers appears in the outcome.

  • 3-Sure Baba Ijebu:

Although not as popular as the first two at the top, I can guarantee you that many individuals have won with this 3 Direct, and as with the 2 Sure above, you must obtain all three numbers to win. If just one or two of your numbers appear in the outcome, you do not win anything.

By 3 Direct, you are guessing any three numbers from 1 to 90 that you believe will be among the five winning draw numbers.

  •  4 Direct Baba Ijebu:

To still be realistic, We’ve only seen a few individuals play the Baba Ijebu 4 Direct. Compared to the ones mentioned above, this one has a higher risk, but I tell you that if all four of your numbers appear in the five winning draw numbers, you will be a millionaire with just a 100 naira (N100). 

The danger is that if you play four numbers all four numbers must be among the five winning draw numbers. If you play this game with only five hundred nairas (N500) or one thousand nairas (N1000), your winnings should be so large that you would never have to work again in your life.


We’ve seen a lot more thrill seekers and more people playing the Baba Ijebu 5 Direct than the 4 Direct. These men are only hoping that one day luck would smile on them and all five of their projected numbers will be among the five winning draw numbers.

Now we look at the Golden Chance Lotto Results;

              Golden Chance Lotto Results

Winners Golden Chance Investments Limited has developed an online platform where consumers may participate in their favorite lottery games. They are the leading lottery firm in Nigeria. The Golden Chance Lotto Results has made it possible to play the lotto online.

How To Play Golden Chance:

  • Choose your favorite game type from the vertical menu that includes today’s game.
  • Choose your chosen bet type (NAP) from the list of scrolling bet kinds.
  • Choose your own numbers
  • Insert the bet amount line in the text area given in the bet slip corner.
  • If you want the wager in the multi-bet, click Add.
  • Repeating the preceding steps for other bet combinations.
  • Lastly, select Play to place your bet.

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