Our recently published report, “Molded Fiber Pulp Packaging Market”, offers a comprehensive and deep evaluation on the market stature. Also, the market report estimates the market size, revenue, price, market share, market forecast, growth rate, and competitive analysis. As per research, the molded pulp market size was estimated at around US$ 3.8 billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of nearly 5.4% during 2022-2030. The market is projected to reach approximately US$ 5.3 billion by 2030.

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Molded Pulp Packaging Market: Overview

Molded Pulp Packaging products are manufactured from biodegradable materials and are capable of absorbing wing to cushion shock properties. This ensures the protection of the product, which includes handling, transportation, as well as storage. These packaging products have aeration properties they have a microporous structure that helps in absorbing moisture attributed to their chemical structure.

Growth Factors

The growth in the e-commerce sector as a result of increasing urbanization is expected to create a demand for customized bio-degradable and recyclable packaging solutions. Further, the rising awareness among consumers of environmental issues caused by plastics and other harmful packaging materials has resulted in increased demand for Molded Pulp Packaging products. Additionally, government regulations for bio-degradable and recyclable products are pushing manufacturers in numerous manufacturing industries to opt for Molded Pulp Packaging products.

Segmental Overview

The market for molded pulp packaging is segmented into product type, molded pulp type, and end-use. Based on product type, the market for trays is expected to dominate during the forecast period. Moreover, based on molded pulp type, the rotary molded pulp type is anticipated to show noticeable growth owing to its cost-effectiveness. By end use, the eggs segment is expected to dominate attributed to the rising egg consumption globally. For instance, as per the US Department of Agriculture, egg consumption in the country is growing every year, which is expected to create a high demand for molded pulp trays. Based on end-use, the food and food service segment appeared as one of the leading segments in 2021.

Molded pulp packaging solutions are used for the packaging of vegetables and fruits to help regulate fruit respiration along with maintaining ethylene density. However, the electronics application segment is projected to notice a high CAGR during 2022-2030. The growth is due to high product demand for electronic device packaging, such as computers, printers, cellphones, modems, hard drives, and others.

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Regional Overview

Asia Pacific region to present a lucrative market

Asia Pacific is estimated to witness a high CAGR growth during the projected period. The growth of the urban population along with the rising e-commerce sector in the region is expected to drive market growth. Other factors include easy availability of labor and raw materials and increasing use of advanced technology for producing high-quality Molded Pulp Packaging. In Europe, Germany is estimated to hold the largest market share in 2021.

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