Are you an environmentally conscious person? Have you stopped using plastic straws and completely shifted to glass straws? This choice of yours is highly appreciated and supported for the benefit of the environment. Glass straws are one of the best replacements for plastic drinking straws. 

However, if you own glass straws, you might also be aware of the fact that they are quite difficult to clean. Most folks are troubled with the fact of how to clean their glass straws properly. If you are one such individual, who is troubled by how to clean glass straws, read the following article to learn more about how to ace this job. 

However, first you will require a few items for the job, such as a glass pipe cleaner kit a brush, and a drying rack.

Know how to clean your glass straws:

  • Clean Glass Straws In The Dishwasher 

Unlike most delicate glass items, you can wash and sanitize your glass straws in your favorite dishwasher. Glass straws are usually composed of strong commercial glass to make them durable and safe to use in most dishwashers. 

  • Use A Pipe Cleaner 

Don’t worry if you don’t own a dishwasher. If you don’t own a dishwasher, you can still efficiently clean your glass straws. Make use of a glass pipe cleaner and a customized brush to clean your glass straws efficiently. 

Keep your glass straws soaked in water with the cleaner for some time. Now that you have soaked your glass straw in water for some time, use a cleaning brush to clean the insides of your straw. The brush will make sure that there is no additional build-up or germs left inside your glass straw. 

  • Store Away Your Glass Straws 

After you have successfully cleaned your glass straws, now make sure to dry them properly on a drying rack with the help of a kitchen rag. Once your glass straws dry up, make sure to safely store them in your kitchen cabinets. 

To Sum It Up

Most folks these days are very much aware of how harmful and dangerous plastic straws are. Plastic straws are not just bad for the environment, but plastic straws are also bad for our sea Turtles. Therefore if you do not want to contribute to this, then you must shift to other alternatives, such as glass straws.

The thought of glass straws can seem quite intimidating, as most of us are aware that all glass objects require proper love and care. But worry no further; your glass straws will not require extreme attention; they will only need a certain amount of care. Use a glass pipe cleaner and a brush to restore the life of your glass straws quickly and efficiently. 

By Russell Crowe

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