Gift Card Boxes

Gift Card Boxes – They say the first impression lasts forever. A company’s gift card box is its way of making that impression. It is a way of communicating what the company is about. It represents the quality and type of your service. A custom printed gift card box is a condensation of all that a business stands for on a small piece of cardstock. Oftentimes it can be the difference between being chosen by a new client and being completely ignored.

It is a visual representation of your business, a small but powerful marketing tool, so you have to make sure that it stands out from the crowd. So now that you know the importance of a gift card box, here are 6 ways to leave a lasting impression on your clients through gift card box printing.

The Purpose of The Gift Card Boxes:

If you are not sure of the main purpose of your gift card box, then it won’t help you. Ask yourself what area you need the gift card box to help your business with. It is clearly for marketing, but what kind? Is its main purpose to show people your services? Or to share your social media links or website for gift card boxes? Keep in mind that the gift card boxes wholesale need to have all your important information like your company name, contact number, email address, services, and links.

So, what aspect do you want to highlight? As a creative firm you might want to show how creative you are, and as a more formal business, you might want a more subdued look to attract your ideal customers. So have a clear plan and purpose in mind before choosing your designs. Then when your gift card box maker or designer shows you the options, you will be able to make better decisions.

Make The Right Use of Color:

When choosing the colour for your brand’s gift card box, ask yourself some questions: What does this colour represent? What feeling does this colour evoke? Is it warm or cool, and what kind of a vibe does it give? The colour should be something that goes with your brand itself: it could be some kind of play of the logo design, or something completely different but that goes with the theme. Boring white custom gift card boxes are not going to leave a lasting impression via gift card boxes.

Your card colours should create a mood that is attractive and eye-catching while still being clean and professional. Try to stick to a couple of colours that complement each other rather than having too many. Too many colours create a cluttered look. To get a visual representation of how the colours look, you can use a graphic design app or website for mailer boxes wholesale. This way you can check the look of your gift card box online before getting it printed.

Another thing to make sure your colours attract your ideal customers is to check out the competition. Do some research and observe how other businesses in your industry who offer the same services have designed their custom gift card boxes. Now you have an idea of what you want to (or don’t want to) do.

Use Unique Shapes and Dimensions:

This simply means that you don’t have to conform to the standard size or rectangular shape that most custom boxes have. To make your cards stand out, choose something different! The card can be a bigger or smaller size. It could be a rectangle, like everybody else’s. But it could also be rounded at the edges, a square shape, or an entirely different shape based on your brand’s logo or message. There are endless possibilities so don’t limit yourself and try to think out of the box. Having a different shaped or sized gift card box is sure to help you stand out from the cards of your competitors.

Use Material To Differentiate Yourself:

Usually, gift card boxes are made using white card stock paper. This material is not the strongest, bends easily and does not keep well in wallets. It’s bland and boring. If you want your card to get noticed, you have to do something different. You can try to use a unique material. You can simply level up from regular cardstock to something a little bit more sturdy and heavy wholesale cardboard boxes, which will give a more high-quality finish to your card. Or you can go all out and choose a completely non-conventional material.

Due to advancements in technology, there are more options now than ever before! Plastic, cardboard, wood, cotton, leather or even metal! You can use recycled paper too. This is a great way to make a statement to attract customers who appreciate eco-friendly business ethics. While certainly out there, a different unique material is sure to get people to think more than once about your business. It’s a great way to grab and keep someone’s attention.


If you want to make a lasting impression on someone the moment you hand them your gift card box, the texture might be your way to do so. You can do this by choosing a textured material, or by the techniques used to print onto the card.

You can opt for a letterpress engraving or get the business name embossed onto the
custom printed gift card box to immediately grab people’s attention. Placed next to smoother cards, your textured card will surely stand out. Raised logos or a subtle textured by adding a 3D design to your card will make it much more memorable than your competitors.

Stick To Your Theme or Branding:

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when choosing the designs for your card is to go for something off-brand. It would completely go against the message of your business and its purpose. Plus, it would attract the wrong kind of customer, who would just get confused.

So, if your business is a creative one, choose a card that gives a creative vibe. If you are a serious financial businessperson, your card should have more muted, subtle colours and clean lines. This makes your overall brand stronger, attracts relevant customers, and helps your business in the long run.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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