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The summer’s here, and it is time to make the most of the sunshine. Thanks to the weather, you can now have friends for a barbeque or a campfire. If you plan to entertain guests outdoors, it is time to get to work because your patio needs a summer makeover. From outdoor ceiling lights to cosy fire pits, here is everything you need to take care of before the next outdoor party you host.

First, you need to have a vision and a budget before proceeding. Going in blind for renovations is the worst thing you can do. If you are reworking your entire house, set 5% of that budget as your patio makeover budget, or you can come up with a number after carefully considering the work you need to do and the purchases.

A place for the Grill

All summer parties need some barbeque to tie it all in. So, start by thinking about where the grill would go. Based on this mental image, figure out the best spots for setting a dining table and chairs. You need to ensure that the spot is not a hazard to anything else and is close to the kitchen. If you want to forego dining tables, you can always make other seating arrangements that allow people to gather around the food and converse.

Ambient Lighting

Light makes all the difference when you want to utilise your outdoors. With the right outdoor ceiling lights, you can ensure that the outdoors are secure and pleasant to the eye. LEDs are a wise choice because they require less maintenance and energy. Placing the lighting fixtures in specific positions can make your patio feel more spacious and make it seem like an extension of your indoors.

Getting the Cool On

Summer is all about enjoying the sun, but there is no denying that the days will get hotter with time. Since you don’t want anyone to be overheated or dehydrated, plan for ways to beat the heat. Map out where the fans and coolers will go and keep them close to where the seating is. You can also add touches with plants that will cool the patio down with shade.

Firepit to Focus

If you want to hang out on your patio and elevate the aesthetics of the space at the same time, installing a firepit is the best. If you already have one, tidy it up and breathe some life into it. Once you do this, you can figure out the seating arrangement around the firepit. It looks like you are going to have smores shortly.

Pop of Colour

Once the seating is figured out, add comfort and colour to the setting. You can make your patio look a little brighter with some fun throw pillows or drapes. You can also get deeply coloured lanterns or lamps for the space to bring in some character.

Summing It Up

Summertime is the best time to make use of your outdoor space. Everything becomes even better if you have a pool to cool off in the heat. After neglecting the space for the past couple of seasons, it might take some time to bring your outdoors back into shape. However, the effort is worth it because the fresh air and warm sunlight is the best part of having a patio.

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