I’m planning to publish an entire series of posts that will cover how to publish books online by yourself. In these posts, I’ll concentrate on how to do it yourself. I’ll explain the steps I’m using to create an e-book. Transreal Books. Don’t take anything I say as gospel. There are many ways to navigate the maze of epub and I’m just beginning to discover my way. I first wrote about the subject in the fall of 2011. Then I wrote this current post in April 2012. I then made some tweaks to the post in December, 2016.

Since 2016, I’m mostly using InDesign to make ebooks. The reason I’m using inDesign to create ebooks is because I’m already using it to create printed books. However, getting used to InDesign was a long and tedious process that included a lot of mishaps. In addition, getting an EPUB export to work correctly took a while as well. I’ve taken a lot of notes about the process, and have published a rough version of these notes on the internet as “Using InDesign for Print and Ebooks.” These notes are a sort of follow-up of the posts on my blog you’ll find here.

Also, in 2012, I combined the expanded and revised How To Make an Ebook blog posts to create an ebook entitled How to Make An Ebook that is accessible on Amazon . However, this book is in 2016 somewhat outdated, and I haven’t, as of yet, revised it. At present, the article you’re reading is the most current I have to opinion on the subject.[]

It’s worth posting the information since I’ve had some difficulties with the process. The world of publishing is full of errors. Its time has arrived.

Distribution Kindle, iBook, Direct

If I’ve got an existing document that I would like to turn it an ebook. Let’s begin by explaining the steps you need to take to make your ebook available after it’s completed.

As of the year 2016 there were three primary ways to distribute ebooks:
(1) Amazon Kindle,
(2) (2) the Apple iBook Store.
(3) Create your own site. You can make MOBI and EPUB format books in order to be accessible to all e-readers.

In 2019, you can access the entire market via an unreliable website, Draft2Digital.

Concerning the corporate channels, the market share of ebooks are continually getting debated and revised and changed. In 2016 the numbers could be that Amazon sells around 75% of all ebooks with iBook at approximately 12%, with Nook, Kobo and Google Play getting a bit of leftovers. And it’s a huge problem to get your book to the iBooks. In essence, it’s everything concerning Amazon Kindle.

The most important thing to keep in mind right from the beginning is that you are able to distribute via all of these channels for no cost if you’ve got a bit of patience and a high tolerance to discomfort. It is possible to pay different intermediaries to arrange distribution on your behalf, however, do not do it by paying a huge upfront fee to use this service or make making the mistake of cutting them out to receive the largest portion of the fees. We always recommend to check this website for premade book cover: digiartbookcover.com

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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