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You’re spending long hours planning and creating content for Instagram. After you click “Share,” all is well for a brief moment. You’re confident that you’ve written something fantastic.

Then, you can go to radio silence. Perhaps a few likes or comments from your small group of followers. But how to Get More Instagram Followers without publishing excellent content? Beli Followers Instagram dari

There’s no definitive guideline for Instagram growth. However, some policies can allow you to reach a larger public and attract new followers.

These are twelve ways you can get many more Instagram followers. Instagram.

1. Improve your bio

Maximize those 150 characters. Your Instagram bio will tell potential followers about who you’re, who you are about, and the action you’d like them to decide to take following a visit to your profile.

A bio for your Instagram should contain:

  • An exact description of your work
  • Personality traits that show your character
  • A call to take action (shop or learn more, get in touch, and so on.)
  • A link

Your bio link is the one-click link only on Instagram. Therefore, make sure you use it responsibly. Some companies include a primary hyperlink to their site, and others alter it frequently to reflect past posts. If you’d like to make it easier, use links-in-bio software like Start Page, which allows you to transform a single link into a catalog of hyperlinks.

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2. Find the perfect moment to share your post on Instagram.

What do you think we missed when we said how to determine which is the best time to publish on Instagram? There isn’t any universal rule of thumb for when to post to Instagram to get the most amount of users. However, there are methods to find the most optimal time that will benefit you to post to your followers.

Utilize Instagram Insights to determine the times your followers are active. Click on the “Insights” button from your Instagram company profile, then scroll down through to “Your Audience,” then tap “See All.” From there, scroll down to the bottom to locate the most active times for your followers.



Knowing when your content will be the most useful is also essential. For instance, a step-by-step recipe video could be more effective during non-work hours since people tend to cook. However, a post from a coffee shop may be more effective at around 2 p.m. as people go through a slump in the afternoon. Try different times for posting and monitor the response.

3. Post regularly

A study conducted in 2021 across 14 industries found that, on average, companies share 4 Instagram postings per week. However, we suggest posting at minimum once a day. Businesses that regularly establish their Instagram posts usually see the most significant outcomes. According to a Tailwind study, accounts that post periodically increase Instagram followers more quickly than those that post less frequently.

In Instagram’s algorithmic timeline, it is essential to maintain consistency to get your posts noticed. When your content is being shared regularly and receiving a high response, Instagram’s algorithm will likely place your seats at the top of your follower’s feeds.



Of course, quality is much more crucial than volume. The fact that you post more frequently doesn’t automatically mean higher engagement. Make sure you create content that resonates with your intended audience. More on that in section 9: Engage your target audience.

4. Find out how the Instagram algorithm works.

Many Instagram users initially feared the transition from chronological feeds to the chronological timeline that is ranked. Since the switch has been made, posts are being seen by 50% more people than before the change. Therefore, don’t bother trying. You can beat the Instagram algorithm. Instead, it would help if you focused on learning how to use the algorithm in your favor.

Six elements decide what appears on every person’s timeline: curiosity, timing, timeliness, relationship, the frequency of their following, and use.

Here’s a brief overview of what each of these elements means:

  1. Interaction: How much Instagram thinks that a user will enjoy the post, based on prior activities
  2. Timestamp: How recent the post is
  3. Relations: accounts that a user is regularly in contact with daily
  4. Intensity: How often a person utilizes Instagram? Instagram app
  5. Follow: Posts from the accounts one follows
  6. Use: How much time someone spends on Instagram
  7. Explore the different types of content

5. Find your brand’s voice and design specific content.

Most people don’t follow your company on social media, so they don’t see sales messages. They are loyal to your brand because they love your persona and the content you produce.

What is successful for one company may not work for your brand, even in the same industry. For instance, Juggling Daisies Hobby Farm and Such and Such Farm believe they are distinctive farms. The Juggling Daises features entertaining stories, adorable photos, and good-quality content. Meanwhile, Such and Such Farm has a more rough-around-the-edges style that includes curse words and humor.

6. Make great captions.

Great photos grab people’s attention. Instagram captions help keep them interested. Captions allow you to provide additional information or context regarding the image or video you’re posting. Also, using captions with keywords can help your profile appear on the results of searches in the app.

Instagram captions can have as long as 2,200 characters. Of course, that doesn’t mean every caption must be read as a blog post’s content. Try different lengths. Some photos work well with an easy, short caption accompanied by a few Emojis. Others may be better off with something longer as well as more reflective.



The duration of Instagram captions is increasing. However, most brands do not exceed the 2200 characters limit. For 2020, the median was predicted as being 405 words, an increase from 142 characters in 2016.

7. Use hashtags and research.

We’ve looked at hashtags extensively on our blog, but it appears that nowhere else on social media are they as significant as on Instagram. With the right hashtags, you can present your photo to a broad and specific audience, and Instagram users don’t appear to be suffering from hashtag fatigue the same way they do on other social networks.

Start by searching for hashtags that appeal to your viewers. The free Instagram tools such as Display Goals and AutoHash can help you identify relevant hashtags to use in the content of your Instagram posts. For instance, using Display Purposes, you write a few lines about the image you want to share, and it will then suggest the top hashtags for you to apply to your post.

8. Collaboration with others

Another effective way to grow your Instagram users is to work with other companies through collaborations or influencer campaigns.

Our brand spotlight featuring Blume is an excellent illustration. Blume can access Buffer’s followers via their Original Instagram Story and the accompanying Highlights. Additionally, Blume will share the spotlight with their followers and bring their followers to Buffer. This is a win-win situation.

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9. Examine your results

One method to determine the best way to increase the number of fans on Instagram is to study the responses of your existing followers.

Do not obsess about superficial metrics like comments and likes. Instead, consider what the metrics reveal to you. If, for instance, you’re trying out a brand hashtag, new metrics such as reach and new followers will give you more insight into the worth of that hashtag than likings from your existing followers will. If you’re trying out different times to post or post, impressions can indicate when your content will most likely get read. Your ultimate purpose can determine the metrics that are important the most.

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