C9200-48P-E series switches have an essential thing that makes them different from others their IPv6 support in hardware builds to provide wire-rate forwarding for IPv6 networks.  Moreover, they support a dual power supply that comes with fans, so your system never gets overheated.

C9200-48PXG series switches are the best choice for your business no matter what size is it small or midsize. They provide you best connectivity for your system hardware and software. Because they provide you x86 central processing unit along with built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

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Features of C9200-48P-E:

These are some features of this data series switches.

IOX XE system:

This series switch has an IOS XE system, which is the best operating system for the enterprise. Moreover, this system also includes NETCONF, RESTCONF, YANG, on-box Python scripting, streaming telemetry, container-based application hosting, and patching for extreme bug fixes.

Moreover, the OS operating system also has a built-in defense to protect against runtime attacks on your system, and experience better connectivity.

Ethernet Plus (PoE+) ability:

These series switches can support up to 48 ports for C9200 and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capability for up to 12 ports. Moreover, they also provide Cisco Aironet wireless access points and other standards-compliant PoE+ end devices.

Moreover, the PoE+ system removes the need to supply wall power to PoE-enabled devices and lowers the cost of adding electrical cabling and circuits, which are necessary for IP phone and WLAN deployments.

Mixed stacking:

These series switches provide you stackable bandwidth which is why they do not support mix stacking because they support optional StackWise-160 and StackWise-80 kits, which consist of two adapters and a stacking cable.

Moreover, the default stacking cable in this series switch is 0.5 m, but options of 1 m and 3 m are also available for more power connections.

Secure Tunnel connectivity:

As these series switches are made for security purposes, therefor they provide you secure connections for a secure net Gateway, Cloud Service suppliers, and website-to-website property using an IPsec tunnel with AES-256 coding and speed almost up to 100G. Because they help you in stopping run-time threats.

Features of C9200-48PXG:

These features make them top-notch switches.

Switch operation:

These switches provide you optimum power saving with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) on the RJ-45 ports and low-power operations for your enterprise’s best-in-class power management and power consumption capabilities.

Full Flexible Net Flow (FNF):

These series switch data sheets provide you with a full flexible net flow. Because they are designed to meet the speed of the hybrid world. These switches provide you with optimization of the network management, which reduces operating costs and improves capacity planning and security incident detection with increased flexibility and scalability for connection.

Bluetooth connectivity:

These series switches have brilliant Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, they support connecting a Bluetooth dongle to your control, which allows you to use this wireless interface as an IP management port interface.

The port is helpful for configuration and troubleshooting using WebUI and the Command-Line Interface (CLI) to transfer images and configurations.

Protocol-Independent Multicast (PIM) system:

These series switches have strong Protocol-Independent Multicast (PIM) system. Because they have IP, and multicast routing support, which includes PIM sparse mode (PIM SM), and Source-Specific Multicast (SSM).


These series switches are the best choice for our future generations. Because they can meet the speed of the IT world. Moreover, they have all qualities that can provide you better connectivity experience.

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