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Are you confused about deciding on a timesheet and project management tool for your business? If yes, then it’s normal to be get muddled when there is so much rush in the market. Making a suitable decision for your organization might be a bit tiring. But let us help you get an idea about one the best software you can pick – FunctionFox software – that can be turned a best a decision for you. So, let’s get more into it.

What is FunctionFox?

FunctionFox software is a timesheet and project management tool for different creative businesses. The organization might be any advertising, graphic design, marketing, public relations, and creative multimedia business, doesn’t matter small or mid-sized. Companies can keep track of various projects, allocate tasks, manage remote workers, and maintain the budget.

Points to Ponder:

  • Highly reliable project management tool trusted by hundreds of FunctionFox clients across the globe
  • a personalized dashboard is available to users for each form of job, minimizing extreme barriers
  • Allowing numerous details to their project data, including client name, project kind and scope, project manager, start date and due date, and more
  • Assisting its customers in streamlining processes, optimizing workflows, and keeping track of several projects
  • Permits an extensive comparison of financial data, like estimation and actual expenditures, as well as a view of schedules, efficiency, and budgets
  • Actionable to-do lists, an internal blog for interaction, uptime, and traffic, customized task intake forms, email notifications, and complex report generating capabilities

Top FunctionFox Features

Some of the top-rated features for which FunctionFox carries immense popularity within the timesheet and project management software industry are following:

Intuitive Project Tracking

FunctionFox is an intuitive project management solution that also includes time tracking. The platform is meant to help creative enterprises optimize their business procedures to provide top-notch services with a greater extent of originality consistently.

It allows you to stay on track and provide your clients with a precise timeline for how a project gets completed. Such features automate your chores and ensure that everything is performed accurately and timely, ensuring the success of your project.

Easy-to-use Workflow

Workflow, one of FunctionFox’s features, makes everything a lot easier for you than you could have anticipated. This software features a pretty simple user interface that allows you to get started quickly with the software.

It makes it simple to get acquainted with the software and learn how it operates. As the interface is incredibly user-friendly, which means you will have no problems learning how to use the software and will be able to make use of all of the fantastic features, it has to offer effectively.

Substantial Reporting

Another aspect noteworthy in FunctionFox is the reporting functionality. This feature provides immediate automated reports that the software prepares to accurately understand your project’s and employees’ progress through calculations. Such statements help companies determine whether or not someone is being utilized.

It also gives you the reporting of who and how everyone on the team contributes. Tasks, employees, clients, productivity, estimations, expenses, and project overviews all come equipped with FunctionFox. With ten custom project data fields, you can create customized reports.

Benefits for Choosing FunctionFox

FunctionFox is well-established for its ease and credibility, for which it is widely trusted among its customers. It is estimated that approximately 1lac customers use FunctionFox software daily to manage their projects – a colossal figure, indeed. So, we consider it essential to mention some of the benefits that distinguish it from other software.

Timely Updates

The FunctionFox software always focuses on improving its quality and provides its customers with the best by adding timely free upgrades. FunctionFox fixes any bug as soon as they detect it, and you’ll see that bug repairs are almost rapid. You will get a guarantee of availability, continual updates, and safe storage in addition to an excellent timesheet and project management solution. More importantly, you will be assigned to a team of FunctionFox software experts. It will exponentially increase your business productivity.

Responsive Customer Services

FunctionFox software provides knowledgeable and responsive customer support. A quick representative will reach you for helping to your account to make sure that the software comprehends your company.

This devoted representative or a skilled support person would be happy to assist you and answer your queries. In addition, the representative will show you how to use FunctionFox. In simpler words, the software will assist you in creating a new account. The software will then help you as your business grows on their system.

Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike other software that disappears when it fails to deliver on its claims, it provides perpetual support and assistance. However, if you change your mind and the software disappoints you, FunctionFox makes no demands. For the software, agreements and prepaid expenses are worthless. You can withdraw your monthly subscription plan without incurring any fees. The best thing is that you’ll be protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as unlimited personal client service.

FunctionFox Pricing

Pricing is an important consideration when purchasing software because it directly impacts your decision. If it fits inside your budget meets your requirements, that’s what makes it your right choice. The most affordable FunctionFox classical plan edition is $5 per month per user, which is very reasonable based on its features. Another paid premium package costs $10 per user per month, while the In-house plan costs $20 for each user per month. The paid edition also determines the number of features you have access to. Whatever package you select depends on your budget, and the features you require from the software get unlocked depending on the paid plan you choose.

Is FunctionFox Right Choice?

Many firms have good reasons to choose and use FunctionFox software. Because not only does the software provide several unique features, you also enjoy unlimited customer assistance, which is something you won’t have with other project management tools.

It, however, is mainly dependent on your company’s requirements and your choices. We recommend making a list of all the features you want to see in software and then comparing them to the ones in FunctionFox software. You can also take advantage of the free plan to get started with the software and gain first-hand experience.


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