If we are clear about something, it is that we are certainly not all interior designers, what is more, most of us are mere mortals who want our spaces to look good, and to be honest, this task is not always easy, since we have so many furniture offers that Sometimes it is confusing and even overwhelming and that is why we end up making mistakes that in the end end up being unfavorable for our spaces.  

For this reason, we would like to tell you what we consider to be the most frequent mistakes when decorating, so that you try to avoid them and be (at least one step) closer to an idyllic and refined decoration.

Misuse of color

In our opinion, this is the most frequent error in interior decoration, we believe that for this element, extremes are the worst of enemies. Both the absence of color, which makes spaces look completely flat and monochromatic, as well as the excess of color that generates a lot of saturation and sometimes gives the sensation of disorder.  

We believe that the ideal choice is a balance, generating a conscious color palette where all the tones complement each other to make the space the most welcoming.

A good tip is the rule of 3, which is that most of our tones are neutral, white, gray, and beige, and to add a maximum of 3 colors to those tones to add that extra bit of style.

Spaces with a lack of identity

If there is something that we must take into account, it is that the space is a reflection of who we are, there is no better feeling than a person entering our home and feeling a bit of our personality embodied in the decoration. Many times we worry a lot about what is trending, in magazines, and Pinterest and when applying it we don’t know very well how, or we copy it as it is without putting our personal brand on it.

It is looking at all the styles and inspirations and finding which one is yours, which one you like the most, always according to your taste. 

If you need a little inspiration go to our Pinterest boards, there you can find a little about how to combine our pieces.

Shop by Fill

Many times we do not have a design concept established and we go out to buy everything to buy or just to fill the spaces. In the end we end up acquiring a quantity of furniture that many times we do not end up liking. 

Do not measure

Before buying any type of decoration, it is important that we measure the space that we have available because we end up buying furniture that is sometimes very large or others that are very small.

Luckily at Casa Suárez, we try to be very explicit with our measurements so that you always have an idea of ​​the dimensions of the product you will buy.

We know that it is a long process to obtain our dream spaces, but rest assured that the more we inform ourselves, the fewer mistakes we will make. At Casa Suárez we are always willing to help and advise you so that you can get the most out of your purchases.

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