If you want to learn SEO but don’t know where to start, there are several ways to learn the ropes for free. Udemy offers an SEO Tutorial for Beginners that walks you through the basics of building authority on your site and choosing the right keywords. It’s an easy, quick, and low-cost way to get the basics down, and it only takes about 40 minutes to complete the course. This is the perfect course for beginners or those on the fence about SEO.


If you’re looking for SEO online training free, Coursera is an excellent option. The courses are taught by experienced SEO professionals. They cover the basics of search engine optimization, as well as advanced strategies. You can access all of the courses for 180 days, and if you like them, you can also download workbooks and quizzes. You can get a certificate of completion if you complete all of them.

You can also enroll in a free SEO course from Semrush. It includes 28 virtual lessons, and it takes just four hours to finish. Another free SEO course is Content Lead SEO with Brian Dean, which is geared toward content creators. The course covers on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Another great option is the Coursera Search Engine Optimization Specialization, which takes beginners to advanced levels. This course is available for free, and will enable you to learn more about on-page optimization, technical SEO, keyword research, competitor research, and more.


Jellyfish is an online training website that offers a variety of SEO courses for busy professionals. Their courses cover the fundamentals of SEO, keyword research, and competitive analysis. They also offer private courses and local classroom sessions. Regardless of your company’s budget, Jellyfish’s courses can help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed online.

Jellyfish’s learning library contains hundreds of courses. The course catalog lets you choose studies that interest you most. You can also enroll in Jellyfish’s courses led by industry experts. These courses are offered online, in a classroom, or on a private basis, and include an overview of SEO, copywriting for SEO, YouTube optimization, and social media marketing.


If you are looking for free SEO training online, you can choose one of the many free courses offered by Moz. They teach a variety of topics, from basic SEO to advanced strategies. You can try the course for 7 days and see if it is right for you. The course has been created by Rand Fishkin, one of the founders of MOZ.

The course is easy to follow and can be completed in one or two sittings. The course links to a variety of resources from the Moz site, making it easy to learn everything you need to know about SEO. It also focuses on how to start your own SEO agency or content marketing company.

You can also check out Moz Tools to improve your website’s SEO and track your SEO campaigns. These tools can help you attract valuable traffic to your website. The Moz Explorer helps you navigate through links, while the Moz Bar helps you analyze page metrics. The website also offers MozCast, a weather tool that allows you to track weather changes on your website.

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