New Orleans Fraternity Formal and sororities host the city’s largest and most elaborate formal events, serving as both social and philanthropic opportunities for local college students to dress up, dance all night, and raise money for charity. Here are some of the biggest formal events you can expect to attend if you’re a Greek life member in New Orleans, from Tulane University to Loyola to Xavier University of Louisiana.

What is a fraternity formal?

A fraternity formal is an event that occurs annually at most universities in North America, where the fraternities and sororities on campus celebrate their school year with a weekend of social activities. Fraternities traditionally wear tuxedos or formal clothes. Sororities wear dresses called formal gowns. The term may also refer to any other party or celebration organized by a fraternity or sorority.

How long has this tradition been around?

It has been said that fraternity formals have been around since the 1800s when they were often used as fundraisers. In fact, in 1873, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at Louisiana State University when their members hosted a formal to raise funds for their fraternity house. Today, the tradition of fraternity formals is still just as strong.

Most fraternity formal weekends take place in April or May and can last anywhere from one night to three nights. A few examples of these events include the Delta Kappa Epsilon’s Annual White Party Weekend and the Phi Beta Sigma’s African American Heritage Day Celebration (AAD).

These events provide opportunities for fraternities to not only socialize with other chapters but also with other organizations from across the country and world.

What kind of events are held during fraternity formals?

It’s the one time of year where you can wear your favorite outfit, let loose, and enjoy everything that is the best about college. College Students from all over head to The Big Easy for Fraternity formal weekend. There are many events that take place such as: brunch, crawfish boil, parade on Bourbon Street, and of course the traditional fraternity formal ball. These events make up a whirlwind weekend that is full of excitement, fun, and memories to last a lifetime.

Who attends these formals?

The fraternity formal is an event that brings together all the chapters of one fraternity. It is typically held in the spring semester to celebrate the end of pledging and to kick off the new semester. The event usually lasts two days, with informal activities on Friday night and evening activities on Saturday evening.

On Friday night, there is usually a social mixer where all the girls who want to attend come and meet the guys. This gives girls an opportunity to get acquainted with each other, as well as with guys they might not have met yet. After this, there might be some other informal events like karaoke or playing cards, but typically no alcohol will be served at these events.

The formal itself starts around 8pm on Saturday evening and ends around 1am Sunday morning.

How can I get involved in this tradition?

It’s that time of year again, when the streets of New Orleans are filled with Tulane students in their formal wear, ready to party and celebrate the end of yet another semester. This weekend is called Fraternity Formal Weekend. Each fraternity has its own formal event planned for Friday night and Saturday night, with parties ranging from formal dinners and balls to ragers at bars, clubs and other venues around the city. As a student at Tulane you have many options for participating in this tradition: you can attend any number of events planned by your fraternity or friends from other fraternities; you can host an event yourself; or you can stay home and don’t worry about it.

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