FMWhatsApp APK, one of the most popular WhatsApp Mods, is available. It is also a modified WhatsApp version with many unique features. These features are not included in the official WhatsApp, which can be downloaded from the play store. This article will cover many unique features of FM WhatsApp Download. Make sure to read all the information.

FMWhatsApp APK November 2023 was developed by talented developer ‘Fouad mokdad’. His official website is called “Fouad mods”. For more information, you can visit the website. We will save you time later. The importance of FMWhatsApp App APK is explained in the following article.

FMWhatsApp APK: Why?

WhatsApp mods must be well-known, but many mods are only intended for very limited purposes. FM WhatsApp APKis the best. Other cool mods are out there, but some of them can be banned from time to time. Fouad WhatsApp, however, is not banned and cannot be banned. This is the best option when you are searching for anti-ban WhatsApp Mods. This article will explain the features of FM WhatsApp 2023. It is a great WA mod.

What’s new in the latest FmWhatsapp update

We are more optimistic about the new update than ever thanks to the bug-crashes fixes and the anti-ban system. The new update is great. Most bugs and crashes have been fixed in the Latest FMWhatsApp APK.

The anti-ban system in FMWhatsApp has been improved. This allows us to use all features of FM WhatsApp without fear of being banned. This feature is constantly improving.

Only 3 chats are allowed to be pinned in the official WhatsApp. However, this version allows for 100 chats to be pinned.

You will enjoy a smoother experience with the latest version. All features are now more intuitive than ever

Features of FMWhatsApp

This article will help you to understand the details of each feature. This article will give you a complete overview of the features. It may also help you understand the app better.


FM WhatsApp offers more privacy options than the official WhatsApp version. FMWhatsApp, unlike other WhatsApp mods, is a completely anti-ban WhatsApp mod.

There’s also a feature that allows us to choose who can make a WhatsApp phone call to us. Anybody not on the list will not have the ability to call us.

You can hide your online status, as well as record and type status.

You can modify the last sight. It can be customized at any time. FMWhatsApp has this feature.

FMWhatsapp Customization

There are many customization options in the latest FMWhatsApp APK. You can also create custom themes.

To make your chats even more enjoyable, you can use custom Emojis.

You can pick a custom interface.

You can create your own launcher icons with FMWhatsApp APK if you get bored of the default launcher icons.

FMWhatsApp’s unique customization feature is the ability to select custom wallpapers for each contact. We can also use custom statuses for any individual.

Note: This new version includes the updated base and new launcher icons. We can now customize even more features. GB Whatsapp Download can be customized with new themes. GB Whatsapp Pro Download is also available with all the amazing features.

Last words

You should have read this article about FMWhatsApp APK. It’s a completely anti-ban WhatsApp mod. It is worth a try. WhatsApp does not offer all privacy features as well as customization or multimedia features. What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts about FMWhatsApp. You can also download the latest FMWhatsApp APK. You can easily download FMWA and other WhatsApp mods on our website.

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