Working from home now becomes quite a normal thing in today’s world. Many and many startups are now going for this, just for the reason that it can reduce the overall cost of the startup as there is now physical space that requires charges. There are not just benefits for business owners but also for employees.

Interior designing a room for work from home is not that hard, just a little tricky. The home office requires a space where calmness is at its best. There are many things that you can do to achieve that calmness. It is recommended to watch out for colors and window treatments as they are the most important factor for maintaining a peaceful interior.

As we are talking about window treatments in this talk, so it will give you a proper idea about how window treatments like window blinds and shades especially are playing an important role in the home office to make it a space where you can do your hard work peacefully.

Note: this list is about our observations and recommendations.


What should be a must for the window treatments for a home office?

Provide a sense of comfort.

Control light.

Maintain privacy.

Provide noise reduction.

Provide class and grace.

Maintain the temperature of the interior.

Remotely Adjustable.


Plantation Shutters

Add value in working from home space by installing shutters. They are one the valuable window treatments for working places due for many standard reasons. There are durable, energy efficient, and provide you with an interior that is enough comfortable so you can work without distractions.

They are highly customizable, so provide enough room for your personalizations. There are made of thick wood, providing great light blocking and maintaining the privacy quite handsomely. They are easily adjustable for any mood of yours from their louvers.

They can be good for insulations credit to their hard and thick wood, and maintain the interior temperature significantly well enough to support hard work without distraction. They are very stylish and calming so might help you in maintaining your self-esteem towards your work.



These are one of the highly preferred window treatments by many, mostly because of their durability and also they can provide a bunch of great features that can maintain an environment full of grace and calmness. They are soft window treatments with a single panel of highly customizable fabric.

They are impressively sharp in maintaining light and privacy which is quite dependent on their fabric. They are also good in energy efficiency and insulation which is also dependent on their fabric, by choosing a certain and thick fabric will provide great noise reduction, these are reasons that make them a considerable window treatment for home office.

Consider them if you have a nice budget because often shades with good quality fabric are quite costly, but on the same note provide you with almost all the required features for a home office.

Some of our recommendations.

Cellular Shades

Woven Wood Shades

Roman Shades

Pleated Shades


Curtains and Draperies

Give your home office a traditional look with these window treatments. The main reason to consider curtains and draperies for the home office is their light controlling capabilities. They are one of the hard and thickest window treatments in the industry. They are made out of tightly woven thick textile, which makes them good for energy efficiency and insulation also.

They are highly recommended if you want a cozy interior, full of peace. They are good in noise reduction and also capable of providing complete blackout when they are closed, credit to the thick textile.

They are costly and can be more expensive when custom-made, but still considerable because they are providing a class and glamour which has no match in certain terms.

Custom Window Blinds

Window Blinds is so far considered a window treatment that syncs in any interior without ruining it. There are so many options in window blinds that can be great on a budget, they are very easy to maintain and clean as compared to many. Due to their adjustable slats, they can be adjusted easily for any of your moods.

Window Blinds can be also highly customizable on a budget. It is recommended to go custom window blinds to have a sleek and bold impression. Custom window blinds are mostly better as an option compared to ready-made window blinds.

There are options like wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and many more that are highly recommended for a home office as these options pretty nicely stand out on each of the required things for the calmness of a home office.


Smart Window Treatments

They now become a go-to thing for many as they are very classy and time-reducing things, making your interior a professional place for hard work. They can be adjusted automatically according to your preferences so might help in reducing your distractions.

They also can be easily adjusted from your smartphone, so you don’t have to leave your place to adjust them. You can go smart easily with almost any window treatment you or if your interior requires a certain window treatment. It is recommended to go smart with window blinds for an sleek impression.

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