mold testing Aspenhill

If you decide to do mold testing in Aspen Hill, you need to thoroughly search every room in your home for mold, including the attic and basement.

Particular attention should be paid to areas near water outlets, such as near the shower or bathtub, sinks, or pipes. You should check with special care the areas that have had a moisture problem. When looking for mold, if you find any water leaks, this can tell you where the mold is growing.

Some of the most common places molds often grow are substances that are high in cellulose, such as drywall, under carpets, in insulation, or inside vents.

Hidden mold

If you can’t see mold in a room, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing there. Mold often grows hidden from view behind walls, above ceilings, under floors, or in air conditioning ducts. If you find small patches of mold on one surface, it could mean that there is a much larger colony of mold growing hidden on the other side.

In addition to using your eyes, pay attention to smells. The smell of a mold colony can help you define the area where the mold is hiding. Any health problems you notice when you are in certain areas of your home can also alert you to the presence of mold nearby. Symptoms such as sneezing and sore or watery eyes can be telltale signs of mold growth nearby.

mold inspection

Recognizing mold

Sometimes you can find something that looks like mold, but it could really be dark soot or just dirty stains. Look closely to make sure it is mold, minimally altering it if necessary to physically examine it.

If you are unsure, you can always use a test kit to check for mold. Testing can also be helpful if for some reason you want to identify the species of mold that you have found in your home.

After finding the problem

After you have found the mold, you will need to determine the size and extent of the mold colony before you can begin to remove it. If the mold looks like it could be toxic, you should consider doing a mold test to determine its species so you will know if you can remove it yourself or if you should hire a professional.

In any case, you should still not disturb large mold colonies that you find until adequate containment is established before mold removal, to prevent spores from spreading throughout the home.

Mold testing

After the mold testing in Aspen Hill, tests can be performed to ensure that no fungus was found. Mold testing can rule out the presence of mold or help track its location if it is hidden.

If you found mold and decide that you want to do mold tests to find out its species, for example, if it is toxic mold or to confirm that it really is mold, then the tests will tell you as well.

Mold removal

Once you’ve found all of the molds in your home, you’re ready to move on to thinking about mold removal and the remediation process.

After you’ve removed and remediated a mold problem, you may want to go through the Mold testing in Aspen Hill process one more time to make sure the mold cleanup was a success.

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