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If you are interested in the development of rural areas, then you should consider learning finance and marketing from a rural perspective. Aspiring candidates who are willing to learn rural finance and marketing services can opt to do so from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) – one of the best Rural Management Colleges in India.

Rural Finance and Marketing specialize in the finance management, promotion, advertising, and distribution of products and services in rural areas. The main objective is to study and research various problems in rural markets. It is very important to take this challenge and understand it in many ways and then make decisions according to the challenges. The course can be taken as a postgraduate diploma for 2 years. IRMA offers PG Diploma programs in Rural Management. Visit the website of the institute to know more about the courses, duration, program structure, fees, etc.

The main motive is to gain prominence in emerging economies. It deals with the marketing of rural products in rural areas in India and elsewhere. Rural marketing is mainly about reaching out to rural customers, understanding their needs and requirements and offering goods and services. If you are interested in rural, finance and marketing, Get Admission Now to the Institute of Rural Management. The overall goal of the IRMA’s Rural Finance and Marketing program is to increase incomes and create employment opportunities for poor rural communities by developing horticultural value chains, improving access to markets, and promoting investment in rural economies across the country.

Providing equal access of program to all

The program also addresses weaknesses in the current horticulture value chain related to input supply, production, and processing, marketing, and legal issues. It covers the entire country but focuses particularly on areas with the highest concentration of rural poor. It targets three groups: Those who are already oriented toward commercial agriculture; those who produce a surplus that is sold in local markets; and the poorest category, often consisting of landless people whose main source of income is unskilled labor. The program aims to ensure that women and young people have equal access to program activities.

The program consists of three components – value chain development, rural financial services and marketing infrastructure. The specific activities focus on:

  • Providing targeted rural financial services
  • Developing rural trade infrastructure
  • Developing smallholder agriculture
  • Supporting the provision of sustainable business development services to farmers and micro-entrepreneurs
  • Ensuring that local small businesses have the knowledge and technical expertise to participate more profitably in national and international markets
  • Improving access to roads, potable water, and natural gas supplies in rural areas.

Scope of rural marketing in India and abroad

Sales of consumer products are huge in rural areas. The opportunities of the course grow with the introduction of new products in the market. Candidates who want to work for the growth and management of rural areas are suitable for this course, and should enroll in one of the best Rural Management Colleges in India, like IRMA in Anand, Gujarat.

This course is considered the best choice to explore career opportunities. There are many opportunities not only in India but also abroad. There are areas where the candidate can work such as rural managers, marketing and purchasing.

Also, inputs and outputs have increased immensely in rural markets for manufacturing and utilization. The standard of living and employment opportunities have increased.

Careers in Rural Marketing

There is an increasing demand for people working in rural marketing, as there is huge progress in this industry. You can find various career opportunities in this field that are sure to provide you with a good salary package to boost and build your future.

The degree holders can find employment in areas such as-

  • Insurance Companies
    ● Academic Institutions
    ●       Finance Institutions
    ●       Rural and Agriculture Financing
    ●       Banks

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