Whether you’re an individual living alone or a person with a large family, a refrigerator is a home appliance you cannot do without. A two door fridge is among the most popular kitchen appliances today. But if you are looking for the latest two door Refrigerators, you may find choosing a suitable model an intimidating exercise.

Not only do you have to find a latest two door fridge that fits within your budget, but you also have to find one that fits in your house. Here’s a two door fridge buying guide to help you get the best double door fridge in India.

Top tips to buy the best two door fridges in India:

  1. Check for essential features

You should never overlook the basic features when purchasing a two door fridge. Although features such as an ice maker and a water dispenser are fancier, most consumers are not looking specifically for them. At the end of the day, what’s more important is the cooling the appliance provides. The best double door fridge in India will come equipped with a powerful compressor, spill-proof shelves, and built-in temperature controls to ensure that your food stays as fresh as possible. If you consume non-vegetarian food, invest in a refrigerator with separate sections for meat and poultry.


  1. Look for Frost-free refrigerators

There is no frost or ice build-up to contend with in Frost-free freezers, as the name implies. This technology employs electric fans to evenly distribute cool air to all corners of your two door fridge. This prevents ice from forming inside the compartments, which means your food won’t get ‘freezer burnt’. Frost-free fridges are more expensive than Direct-cool refrigerators and also use more electricity.


  1. Door pattern and finish

The finish and style of your two door fridge can make a big difference to how your kitchen looks. Choose the best double door fridge in India with a simple design that complements your living space decor. The most common finish among consumers these days is stainless steel. You can also go for various colour combinations, but these might be harder to maintain over a long period.


  1. Touch-and-feel experience

If you are looking for the top-selling refrigerator, you will discover that most models come with innovative touchscreen panels. These panels display information like the fridge/freezer temperature and have controls for adjusting the same. Touch panels are more durable and easier to clean than standard button control panels. Some of the latest two door fridges also come with Smart Diagnosis. This feature automatically syncs with an app on your smartphone and detects and troubleshoots any issues you may be facing with the appliance.


  1. Size matters

You must carefully measure the kitchen area where you plan to place your fridge before investing in a new appliance. This is of even greater importance if you have a modular kitchen. Knowing how much space you have will help you identify the correct two door fridge size for your needs. The capacity of fridges is measured in litres. The capacity of the best double door fridge in India can range from 235 litres up to 500 litres. The correct fridge size for you depends on the space available and the size of your family.


  1. Choose an Inverter Compressor 

Inverter Compressors are versatile by nature, with operating speeds that vary greatly depending on the amount of cooling necessary. An Inverter Compressor starts at a slow speed and increases it only when there is a loss of cooling. This means that the compressor works according to the cooling requirements. As a result, Inverter Compressors are energy-efficient, quieter, and economical to use. The best double door fridge in India will usually feature a powerful Inverter Compressor that saves energy.


  1. Energy efficiency

You should always check the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of the two door fridge you plan to buy. Refrigerators are awarded EERs or star ratings to indicate their energy efficiency. A higher star rating means that the appliance consumes less power. Star ratings are awarded from 1-star to 5-star, with 5-star appliances being the most energy-efficient. Before making a purchase, be sure to look for the blue and green Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) label on your fridge. Although 5-star rated appliances are costlier, you will end up saving money on your power bills in the long run.

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Going for a two door fridge can be a wise decision, provided you take the time to think about it. Factors such as size, space, and budget influence your choice of a fridge, so you should carefully consider all the aspects before purchasing. The best double door fridge in India can be yours if you know how to search for it. Here are some essential tips to help you find the right appliance for your home at the right price.

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