Microsoft Dynamics ERP

You will encounter several difficulties if your organisation provides grants: the grant process must be made as simple as feasible; grants must be supervised both individually and on a programme level, and grants must be supervised on a programme level. You may get support from the Dynamics 365 Grant Management solution to overcome these obstacles.

Organisations that provide grants to people, companies, or governments should use the Dynamics 365 Grant Management service.

The accountant can readily understand when and to whom the grant funds should be paid, the Grant Manager can track the grant process from beginning to end, and the Grant Reviewer may analyse all of the forms, assess applicants, and notify the client if any information is missing.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

It is a fully automated CRM system built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner that connects to Excel, Outlook, and other accounting programmes. This system gives you the resources you need to design, carry out, automate, and administer grant programmes.

Platform Foundation for Microsoft

  • The Microsoft Platform was used to build the system, which is completely open.
  • The cloud approach makes it feasible to scale on demand.
  • The server doesn’t need to be kept operating.
  • Microsoft is in charge of security, disaster recovery, and backups.
  • Microsoft’s standards, connectivity, and interoperability

Dynamics 365 Client Portal Manage Grants

  • Customers can sign up online.
  • Grant application processing using a portal enables extra input and displays adjudication status.
  • After being granted, the Grant procedure is controlled by the customer portal.
  • There are offered automated alerts, status updates, and other cost-saving options.
  • Complete connectivity with the grant management system used by your organisation.
  • simple connection of Office 365 with email
  • The system interacts with Word, Excel, and Outlook for user convenience.
  • Automatic alerts of customer updates are issued.
  • Clients and workers may interact at any time, from any location, seven days a week, with Omni channel access.
  • Customers may contact you more easily thanks to email connections to the Portal.
  • For the highest level of openness and efficiency, go paperless.
  • Through the web and email

Customer Service Dynamics CRM streamlines customer management.

  • Aims to connect with Outlook so that client conversations may be tracked centrally.
  • Anyone with a case history is always able to administer a customer.
  • Automated notifications, alerts, and updates are some examples.

The Grant Management Adjudication Process in Microsoft dynamics ERP partner

  • Business process requirements must be upheld for online web applications.
  • Work queueing and the evaluation of business rules are automated procedures.
  • Automatic alerts are sent out in response to trigger events or deadlines.
  • Give the portal permission to notify and update you.
  • Spend less and provide your clients with greater outcomes.
  • Reporting on Performance and Simple Finance Management
  • Financial data connection with your accounting programme.

Complete awareness Dashboards and reports for reporting and management

  • You must make public all portal activity, financial information, and grant information.
  • It uses Microsoft Power BI, a top product on the market.
  • To make it simple to use as an extra reporting tool, export it to Excel.
  • Data Transfer
  • Keep up with blogs, white papers, and other materials in addition to your knowledge base.
  • Newsletters and alerts in bulk are sent.
  • Registration, user preferences, and updates are all supported through the site.
  • Both free and fee-based services are offered.

Evaluation of Automated Business Rules Processing in Dynamics 365 Grant Management

  • Automatic alerts are sent out for reviewing and upgrading.
  • A portal and the system are completely integrated for optimal effectiveness and timeliness.
  • The relevant task groups get queues to process.
  • Management of procedures and oversight for GSLAs

Administration of Events

  • It is possible to monitor individual team meetings in combination with bigger events.
  • Microsoft Outlook and Email integrate for alerts, reminders, sign-ups, and more.
  • Enables integration with the Portal, making event registration and payments safe and secure.
  • Tools for following up and promoting events

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