family health insurance plan

Accidents and diseases can occur anytime, anywhere. Precautions must be taken for both one’s family and oneself. A family health insurance plan will safeguard your family’s interests and health. It is the finest security cover for a family. A typical family of four needs regular health checkups, treatments for the occasional illness, and enough financial fortitude in case of a medical emergency. Health insurance will take care of all such medical needs.

More people are falling ill and seeking medical care as a result of their stressful lifestyles and poor dietary choices. The rising expense of healthcare is an additional factor. In a medical emergency, it is impossible for the average person to handle economic difficulties. Thus, in order to cover a large portion of medical costs, individuals need to purchase medical insurance plans. Family floater plans, which cover everyone in the family under a single plan, are also offered under health insurance policies. Due to the advantages they offer, family health insurance policies are highly popular.

Why Should You Buy A Family Health Insurance Plan?

  • Affordable premiums

Compared to the premiums for individual policies for each family member, the monthly premium for a family health insurance plan is substantially less. As a result, the plan is easier on your wallet and offers reasonable coverage.

  • New members can easily be added or removed

You can seamlessly incorporate additional family members with family floater plans. Depending on the terms and conditions of the policy, you can easily obtain coverage for a child in the course of the policy term if you have a new family member (childbirth). Simply submit a request to the insurance provider, pay an additional premium, and the policy will officially cover the child.

  • Provides coverage for the entire family

A single medical insurance plan covers all members of the family. You can insure yourself, your spouse, dependent parents, dependent children, and your dependent in-laws. Several plans let you include your extended family in your coverage. A family health insurance plan is thus a one-stop shop for all of your family members’ medical insurance needs. Parents who require cheap health coverage are also permitted to purchase health insurance.

  • Every member covered gets decent coverage

Any family member who becomes ill may utilise the entire amount insured under the family health insurance plan. As a result, if you select an ideal level of coverage for your sum insured, every family member has full access to the insured amount.

  • Tax benefits

One of the significant advantages of family floater health plans is that you can take advantage of tax benefits. When you purchase a family floater policy, you are eligible for tax savings of up to Rs. 25,000. For senior citizens, this reduction rises to Rs. 50,000. Likewise, if you purchase a separate family floater medical insurance policy for your parents, you are eligible for a further deduction of Rs. 25,000, which rises to Rs. 50,000 if your parents are elderly.

  • You can opt for a comprehensive cover 

Every family health insurance plan has varied coverage benefits. You can choose a plan which has the best benefits and suits you the most. By doing so, you would ensure peace of mind for both yourself and everyone under the policy. In case of any medical emergency, all costs will be covered by the insurance company hassle-free.

  • Maternity plans are included

Family health plans with maternity coverage are a wise choice for a young couple expecting to raise a family soon. These plans cover costs associated with pregnancy.

  • Lifestyle diseases

The prevalence of lifestyle diseases is increasing among Indians under the age of 40. Examples of the diseases include diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, physical aches, obesity and pains. The main factors causing a majority of health conditions are a heavy workload and a disregard for one’s health. These illnesses frequently result in heart attack, stroke, and serious organ failures that may need to be hospitalised right away. This explains why having medical insurance is necessary to cover the cost of medical care.


Hence, buying a family health insurance plan is an ideal solution for the medical policy needs of your family members. The plan is easily available, covers all members and is affordable. So, invest in a family health plan for your family and secure their health.




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