Every entrepreneur wants to take out most from their customers’ pocket. So, why not offer products and services they want? The best technique to raise your revenue is cross-selling. It is an excellent way to retain your existing customers. Cross selling is basically the practice of selling extra products to your existing customers. This can help in enhancing the brand image of your business as well. Most of the franchisees invest in any business with the intention to earn high profits. They can use cross-selling techniques to boost the sales. It can aid in increasing per-customer purchase amount. 

Most of the coaching franchise uses cross-selling techniques. Apart from giving coaching classes, they provide study material for various competitive exams. Also, they offer various other services to students enrolled with them. Effective cross-selling can also help you in earning the trust of your customers. 

Here we have unveiled some excellent cross-selling tips for franchisees:

Do you know how to effectively use cross-selling for the franchise? If not, then go through the meticulous details mentioned in this article. For the betterment of franchisees, we have listed some valuable tips for cross-selling. 

  • Observe your customers and ask them questions

Generally, a customer enters a store with the clear idea of what you sell and what they want. Your first step is to observe them deeply, then ask them if something has sparked their interest. Make sure you describe everything about the product. Additionally, you have to see if the quality of your products and services align with the cost of it. Don’t make the mistake of providing over-prized products and services. While the customer is seeing the products he/she wants, you can introduce them to some complementary products. It can help you convince the customers easily. Moreover, don’t forget to ask for feedback on your products/services. This thing can help you to make improvements.

  • Improve your standard service

Obviously, your franchise will have products and services that complement each other. Every employee of your firm should be well-versed with the products and services you provide. They should make every customer aware about it. For example, if you are running an education franchise, ask your students what additional services they need. Along with well-equipped classrooms, you can provide high-tech science and computer labs. Improving your services can help in enhancing the brand image of your firm. Once you’ll earn the trust and confidence of your customers. It can become easy for you to sell your additional products.

  • Boost your basic sale

You need to boost the basic sales of your business to let your customers introduce the new products. So, what could be a basic sale in case of any coaching franchise? Obviously, collecting students to provide coaching for various competitive exams. Once you have students in your institute, you can introduce them to the study material and additional services you provide. Also, you need to provide your basic products at a reasonable price with the best quality. It can convince your customers to look and consider additional services and products.

  • Do effective promotion

Without a doubt, you need to conduct various promotion programs to boost your sales. So, merchandise the products effectively that you desire to sell, then offer companion products for the same. Well, this is how you can diversify your business. You can seek help from your franchisor for promoting your products. Remember that it’s almost impossible to sell products without effective promotions. So, you have to implement strong marketing skills. This can also result in widening your market share.

  • Play a matchmaker

We all know which products go together. If you are selling shampoo, you can also provide conditioner, serum and other hair care products. Also, display the complementary items together, so that customers can find it appealing. We advise you to provide excellent quality products to your customers. Note that customers are attracted to high quality with reasonable prices. So, you can offer a package of complementary products with discounted prices. This is a true and tried way to boost sales of base products as well as additional products. Furthermore, you can ask help from your franchisor to help you with this.

  • Train your staff

Cross-selling is a profit making deal. However, it’s quite hard to convince your customers to buy some additional products. Being an employer, it’s your responsibility to train and guide your staff. Make sure that your franchisor also provides you enough training sessions to guide you on marketing and sales. The same thing you need to do with your staff as well. Also, tell your staff how additional services can benefit customers. It is highly important to maintain healthy coordination with your staff and franchisor. Before you introduce anything into the market, make sure your staff is aware about it completely. 

  • Provide expert recommendation

When you provide specific recommendations from professionals or experts, it can aid in increasing the sales. Are you running an education franchise and offer smart classes? If yes, then state the benefits of attending smart classes. Also, you can offer books made at your institute. Make sure you state that books are written and edited by the experts in the educational field.

Providing expert recommendations can induce the customers to purchase your products. This is the smartest way to enhance the sales of your basic products as well as complementary products. 


Every entrepreneur enters the market with the intention of proliferating his/her business. The first thing from where they can start is by cross-selling. It can help in diversifying your business. Additionally, it can aid in increasing the revenue of your business. Many franchisees remain incognizant to fruitful cross-selling techniques. To help them with this, we have mentioned some suitable tips and tricks. We hope that these tips can benefit both franchisors and franchisees. 

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