The term TPE sex dolls should be familiar when you buy sex dolls. Here you will learn everything you need to know about TPE Realistic Sex Dolls.

What is TPE?

Short for thermoplastic elastomer, TPE is a material made from soft rubber, which is not limited to a special type of molding machine. A Multi-purpose/conventional thermoplastic molding machine can be used in TPE processing. TPE is a black translucent material with round particles. The processing of TPE is either by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, salivation, or pouring, and is known to have a high elastic limit, strength and high stability, and injection molding.

TPE is known to be non-toxic and safe, environmentally friendly, and weather resistant. In addition, it has perfect skin tone and coloration, realistic skin feeling, fatigue resistance and heat resistance. TPE can also be recycled, which helps keep production costs down.

It is also known that TPE is used for secondary injection molding, coating and blending with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and some other important materials, and they can also be produced separately.

This makes TPE a good choice for making skins for love dolls.

Difference between TPE and silica gel

Silica gel is a widely used material for making the skin of love dolls.

Advantages of TEP:

When it comes to recycling and efficient energy saving, TPE has an advantage over silica gel.

TPE is temperature maintained and heat resistant in the range of 50 – 100 C. It is resistant to chemicals as well as aging and solvents. In addition to the drag coefficient, TPE has excellent processing performance.

TPE comes with environmental protection. It is non-toxic and very safe, has good coloring and pleasant to the touch appearance. There are no heavy metals in TPE, and in a manufacturing aspect, it does not contain toxic phthalate plasticizers, making it meet all ROHS, REACH, EN71, PAHS and FDA environmental protection testing standards.

Thermoplastic elastomers rarely need to be cured, and if they do, only for a very short time, which contributes to energy savings. There is improved production and high efficiency, and the TPE forming period is short, which can increase the production of Love Dolls.

This provides high elasticity and injection molding, which is very close to the real feeling of the skin.

Disadvantages of TEP:

  • Although it has good heat resistance, the temperature usually does not exceed 80°C.
  • TPE rubber love dolls have little chewing gum and little or no flavor.

Advantages of silica gel:

Naturally, silicone gel is much harder than TPE, which may be the preferred choice for manufacturers when making love doll face skin, and TPE will be used as an option for making a sex doll body. This allows them to maintain a balance between sex doll reality and cost.

Unlike TPE, silica gel has higher temperature resistance, acid resistance, low temperature resistance and alkali resistance.

In rare cases with highly corrosive products, silica gel hardly reacts to chemicals and any substances. Sex dolls made from soft TPE rubber are not as heat and aging resistant as silica gel, making silica gel a favorable option that lasts much longer.

Disadvantages of silica gel:

  • Silica gel has a huge price tag for the raw materials needed to make a love doll.
  • If not handled with care, silicone love dolls will break easily.

 Should I buy a doll made of thermoplastic elastomer?

The following factors will help you decide whether or not to buy as this is a very common question that buyers ask.

With a budget of $800 to $1500, you can buy a TPE sex doll. TPE love dolls are less expensive than silicone dolls, which have a price range of at least $2500.

TPE has a strong fragrance that can make you feel bad if you are allergic to such a strong fragrance. TPE is not recommended for people allergic to strong fragrances.

Also, if you love realism and want a doll that looks like the real thing, then silicone doll is the best choice.

You may not have a choice if the feature you like is only available in TPE or silicone version.

Caring for your thermoplastic elastomer doll

When opening a box with a doll, you should handle it carefully, and when removing it, make sure that there are no stains on it. Laying it over your duvet will prevent stains from appearing on your sheets and even your clothes.

When bathing, the doll can be used for bathing with bath gel. It can be placed on a small bench or gently placed in the bath, and also prevent the neck joint from coming into contact with water. The head should be kept outside, removed, and the body should be washed separately, or either wrap the neck joint in plastic bags to prevent water from getting inside.

  • The use of talc. The powder can be used to isolate the skin of your love dolls, prevent dust, and keep the skin smooth. Using more talc does not harm the doll.
  • To mount on the head, the screw must first be placed on the neck, and then the head can be turned.
  • Love dolls’ hair should be combed several times before putting the wig on the doll’s head.
  • Love doll standing. The TPE love dolls come with iron sheets under their feet and are not easy to pierce. These sheets are used to balance them on the wall, but they can only stay on the wall for a short time. The screw support can make the love dolls stand independently for a longer time. Sometimes the screw can be easily broken and scratch the floor. In this position, a love doll is not recommended.
  • About the pose. Posture is not an issue when it comes to exploration, but the safest position is to lay it down while in use.
  • About dressing. Unlike pullovers, cardigans are easier to wear. If the need arises for a pullover, you should remove the head of the love doll and raise your arms. When lifting it, do not lift it for a long time. First comes the arm, then the neck.
  • On Dying, it is safe for love dolls to wear light and cool colors, not dark colors. If you are not sure what clothes to use, you can put the silk stocking on the doll first and then on the fabric to keep it from getting dirty, or wash it separately.

In makeup, do not let the love doll face get wet, baby face makeup is easy to get rid of, and eyebrow makeup is not easy to wash off, but it can be done with an eyebrow brush. The lipstick comes off easily. Using a cotton swab to cover it works fine, or lightly touching it with your fingers will remove it. Applying lipstick directly is not recommended as it is not easy to work with.

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