Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes have several other components, such as a vape e-liquid tank, coil, atomiser, and battery. Almost all cigarettes take the same time to end, while the time different vapes take to end varies.

If you’re used to being a chain smoker, you’ll probably look for a vape that lasts longer. This is because a vape with short life may not satisfy your nicotine cravings. The life of a disposable vapes like elf bar 1500 puff and big fox 7000 depends on several factors. The things that matter while considering how long a vape device last are as follows:

The Number of Puffs A Device Includes:

One of the most prominent things a vaper notices while purchasing any vape device like elux legend is the number of puffs it contains. The number of puffs a vape has determines how long it will take to end. A vape with a lower number of blows probably will not last as long as the other device with a higher number. Here the question arises how you would know what number of vape puffs is sufficient for you.

The answer is simple, the quantity that suits you depends on your history and preferences. For instance, if you’re used to smoking a lot of cigarettes in a day, you need the amount that equalises. This means you can have the same number of puffs you used to smoke through cigarettes while vaping.

The puffs a vaping supply depends on the quantity of vape juice it contains, if a device has more liquid it means it will provide more puffs. In contrast, if a device carries less vape juice, it will deliver the number of puffs accordingly.

Vape liquid a device has:

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes use a different substance, specifically nicotine content utilised in a vape is entirely different from the form used in cigarettes. Since the vape uses e-liquid as the main element it is heated up and processed by the device. However, disposable vapes like elux legend 3500 puffs have a pre-defined quantity of vape juice which comes filled in the device.

Simply one can enjoy the vape till it has a sufficient amount of e-liquid present in it. The more e-liquid it has the longer it will take to end. Notably, as vapes come in flavours if you truly want to have pleasure vaping, instead of selecting a random flavour make sure you choose the one that you personally like.

E-liquid Quantity:

Vapes use a varied substance other than the one cigarettes contain, called vape juice or e-liquid. The nicotine form utilised in a vape is totally different from the one used in cigarettes. Since the vape uses vape juice as the main element, it is heated up and processed by the device. However, disposable kits have a pre-defined quantity of vape juice filled in the device.

You can indulge with the vape till it contains enough amount of e-liquid available in it. The more vape liquid your device has, the longer it will take to end. Moreover, to have a pleasurable vaping experience, you must choose a flavour you personally adore rather than selecting any random one.

Battery Life:

Usually, a disposable vaping kit comes with a pre-changed battery. As the other battery has the same significance. This is because as the battery supplies power to the vape device, a vape works till it has a battery.


How long the vape battery lasts is estimated by its power or wattage. The wattage is a unit to express the power of the battery. The more power a battery has, the longer it will take to end. if the battery gives more charge than required, it may burn the device and affects the duration of the vape device that how long it lasts.

Quality of Coil:

The coil is another component of a vape device that matters. It provides heat to the device. It gets burned and consumed to provide sufficient heat to the vape e-liquid so the device can produce vapour. Bigger size coils take longer to end.


Disposable vaping products are suitable for vapers in many ways. Whether you’re a new vaper or have been doing it for a long time, you are familiar that the amount of vaping depends on the number of puffs which matters in the quantity of vape liquid. It also depends on other factors, including the battery life, coil, and e-liquid quantity. You can go through the points mentioned above, which can be helpful for you to know the things a vape’s life depends on.

Many new vapers choose the disposable types of vapes to enter the vaping world. Since these types of devices require very low maintenance and are ready to easy ones. All vapers whether they used to being chain smokers or started vaping a long ago are concerned about that how long they can hit a device. Therefore it is highly recommended for them to select this type of device at the initial stages.

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