Footprint charts are candlestick charts that display other information besides prices, such as volume of trade and order flow. It is multidimensional and can provide a shareholder with additional information for research beyond the security price. This product is a one-of-a-kind tool gaining traction among the top charting software vendors.

Understanding The Basics Of Footprint Charts:

Footprint charts are multidimensional diagrams that allow traders to see additional market indicators, including liquidity levels, volume, and bid-ask spreads, layered on a candlestick chart. Traders can customize footprint charts by including the specific variables they are most interested in tracking.

Traders can customize the chart’s time frame, as with traditional candlestick charts, to analyze the security’s motion on a brief, intermediary, or long-term basis.

Overall, footprint charts can analyze numerous variables in a single diagram. These charts can also be classified as multi-variable charts utilized by sophisticated investors, such as depth of market (DOM) charts or level 2 quote charts. Many sophisticated charting suppliers provide multi-variable quotation systems as a subscription-based add-on to basic software offerings.

Market Delta is a well-known software producer of footprint graphs offered by monthly subscription. The Market Delta platform integrates with several top brokerage firms to enable transaction automation. For a charge, Market Delta also provides a variety of customizable data feeds.

Different Kinds Of Footprint Charts:

A charting supplier may have numerous different kinds of footprint charts available. The following are some of the most typical footprint charts utilized by traders:

Footprint profile:

Besides the normal footprint bars, the footprint profile shows investors the number of trades at each price via a vertical histogram. The footprint profile shows traders where liquidity is pooling and at what prices.

Bid/ask footprint:

colorizes real-time volume to make it easy to see sellers and buyers probing the bid or offer. Using this footprint, investors can determine if buyers or sellers are responsible for influencing a price move.

Delta footprint: 

This footprint chart shows the net difference between the volume of bidders generated and the volume of sellers launched at each price. The delta footprint assists traders in determining whether or not a price trend has begun and will continue.

Volume footprint: 

Unlike typical charts’ volume histograms, the volume footprint splits volume by value and time. This chart is intended to assist traders in determining points of capitulation.

How To Analyze Order Flow Using Footprint Charts:

As previously said, footprint charts provide context by expanding on the volume of transactions within a timeframe. Our study should aim to comprehend this additional data.

When we examine footprint charts, we need to search for signals that indicate a specific price is noteworthy since the transactions indicate so.

This can take numerous forms, including:

● Imbalances: uneven sums of purchasing or selling

● Order blocks: excessive contractual volume

● High-volume nodes are areas where large quantities of volume accumulate.

Each denotes a point of support or a point preceding a price increase. All else being equal, a location where many purchasers walked in would also attract buyers.


Because those same customers may have sold at greater prices and now intend to reload at the same location.

Similarly, you may notice a series of sell orders coming in one after the other. That could be an indicator of future price changes.

The key to any analysis is to frame the trade using context or looking at the wider picture.


Footprint charts provide the benefit of analyzing multiple variables in a focused diagram, making the trading process much easier. It provides the analysis that helps the trader make decisions more constructively by seeing the bigger picture.

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