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Nowadays, retailers and small business owners are switching to electronic POS systems. The epos hardware and epos software are the best combinations for business operations. An epos payment system is a computerized system used in shops, restaurants, and other retail outlets. The shop owners have found the easiest way to process, track sales, and take care of different procedures. They can also better grasp their business operations as it is one of the best and easiest procedures for businesses and stores. 

Without a doubt, it is essential to have epos software that suits the needs of your business. Different businesses may require additional or extra functions to fit their specific needs. Numerous pos payment software types are listed below:

  • Stock control and tracking
  • Purchase and order processing 
  • Loyalty programs
  • Promotion and discounts. 
  • Integration with an eCommerce website. 

Epos hardware embraces a terminal screen. Today, touch screen monitors are trending and affordable to many retailers. They provide you a faster data entry at the point of sale and waive the need for a keyboard. The epos hardware is connected via cables, or you can go for a wireless one.

They include the following:

  • Cash drawer 
  • Receipt printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • PDQ Terminal
  • Customer display /pole display
  • Tablets /iPad epos

This article will tell you all about the epos payment system and which payment system is ideal for your business. It should have attributes that assist you to modernize the business-allied processes, such as patron check out or order management. The basic types of pos systems are credit and debit card acceptance, inventory management, and reporting. Here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Discern your needs
  • Choose mandatory features
  • Conclude the type of hardware you need
  • Resolve your budget
  • Contrast different POS system
  • Watch out for traps. 

There are various types of epos systems to choose from:

  • Retail EPOS System

It is suited for supermarkets, grocery stores, garden centers, pharmacies, general stores, etc. 

  • Hospitality EPOS System

It is highly suitable for self-reliant hospitality businesses with multi-international links and franchises like hotels, cafes, pubs, bars, nightclubs, fast food centers, etc. 

  • Fashion EPOS System

It is ideally suited for boutique clothing stores, fabric stores, suit stores, and shoe shops. 

  • Beauty Salon POS System

It is best equipped for hair salons, gyms, tanning, treatment rooms, massage parlors, and all kinds of saloons. 

  • Service EPOS System

It is best to adapt for launderettes, shoe repair, watch repair, garage jewelers, key cut, and any other service or repair business. 

An EPOS system is similar to a cash register associated with a computer. It studies the product barcode through a barcode scanner and computes the prospect’s amount to pay. Thus, it gives you accurate information on pricing while offering fast service to potential, retained, and new buyers. In addition, an EPOS system has an array of aid, chiefly in the Long- term. 

The popular epos payment software system for Magento retailers are:

  • MicroBiz

It offers you a wide range of features, including sales by cash, card, PayPal, discounts, printed receipt, barcode reading, etc. Unfortunately, it is not available in offline mode. 

  • Ebizmarts

It is also like micro biz where you cannot be available offline. It only runs on IOS devices. It offers a monthly payment gateway charges plan with built-in payment, point of sale, and email marketing extensions that inflate Magento stores. 

  • Magestore

You can use it or check out orders without an internet connection. But later, you will sync the data once the internet is back. It relies on a one-time payment. It may endue a high amount, but ransom possible costs for your lifetime. It is a different system from Ebizmarts and microbes. 

You can go for convenient shopping with one of the most reliable names in the industry, Pine Labs, where you can find the best quality products and affordable prices. This is the best merchant-leading platform that provides you with a secure and safe platform customized to your business needs. 

With various options, you can also go for a return and exchange policy and ensure that your business is taken care of the way it truly deserves to be.

By Anita Gale


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