Custom Pizza Boxes

Custom Pizza Boxes are the most important element of your pizza business. It’s a very significant marketing tool, and what you choose to put on it can make or break your brand. Your choice will need to convey the brand’s personality, and it must be unique and exciting enough to stop people in their tracks and get them talking about it.

If you want inspiration for designing a pizza box, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some striking examples of amazing looking pizza boxes that might inspire you with new ideas. Though they’re not all practical as actual shipping boxes, they’re certainly great as design pieces.

Eco Friendly Custom Pizza Boxes

A beautiful example of an eco-friendly cafe which contributes positively to its community by using organic ingredients wherever possible and having its boxes custom made, with each box bearing a different design depending on the flavor of the pizza. 

The side panels of this box look like an accordion folded flyer, with all sorts of information about the business. The two sides show off the location in different seasons and also describe what they do (restaurant, café etc.) and including prices for their products.  

A great example of using both sides to show off your product! Using city themed designs on one side to highlight where this particular product is from while showing images of traditional pizzas on the other side for context!

An example that’s simple yet effective; it’s bold text against a bright background to catch the eye and then shown off against a transparent box. Simple but effective!

The pizzeria has gone for an old-school style with its choice of text, which looks great on top of its attractive logo design. The golden brown base also compliments the design well.

Both Sides Printed Pizza Boxes

Here’s another café that has used both sides to show off its delicious looking pizzas. Each flavor is cut through so you can see what they’ve included inside (which is nicely displayed using contrasting colors to make them stand out).

 A simple yet effective design, it shows off their lovely products in a clear and appealing way, complimented by simple typography and minimal images across the bottom.

A clean and professional choice; Some pizzeria has opted for a white theme with their choice of text. The logo and imagery on the front give a great first impression, and the black detailing around it.

Excellent Use Of Negative Space! 

Some opted to have a simple strip of color across the top, adding some variety to the box while using that extra space underneath for important information about ingredients and nutritional values.

A lovely design that shows off what they do best – pizzas! The pastel colors work superb together, and this is a lovely example of a box with a clear message – don’t forget your pizza!

Another clean and modern approach with bold text emphasizes their name up top while showing everything you need to know about them at once (which is not an easy feat).

Here’s another cafe that has opted for a clean and modern look, with a great logo and cut-away sections on the pizza to show off what they’re made of.

Why Do Customers Care About Customized Pizza Boxes?

The primary reason why Customized Pizza Boxes are crucial is because of the information they convey to their consumers. For example, a customer knows that your pizzeria uses high-quality ingredients and serves fresh baked goods because you package them in high-quality custom pizza boxes. Customers are also attracted to brightly colored customized boxes with eye catching designs 

When Creating Customized Pizza Boxes, There Are 4 Main Factors 

Your Target Market 

This refers to who your target audience is. Are they old or young? Are they male or female? Knowing these details will help in creating customized pizza boxes targeted toward them 

Restaurant Type 

It determines what design would be best for the customer’s product. For example, a cafe that specializes in pizzas and burgers would want custom boxes with more colorful designs. But if you specialize in baked items, you may want to steer away from too much detail because it will be hard to read

Product Volume 

Product volume determines what custom pizza box design would be best for their product. If they are small quantities then the design should not be overly detailed, or else it will take a long time to complete the job 

Pizza Size

Pizza Size determines whether your café can handle selling many pizzas at once, which also affects the price. For example, a smaller business may need to order less boxes, therefore, spending less money on the purchase 

A Lovely Custom Pizza Boxes Design Would Certainly Grab People’s Attention

By representing certain shapes in their logos and having those colors appearing inside the box itself. A nice touch! The round designs around a restaurant logo give it a great twist, as does the simple yet effective colour scheme – white text against red and blue boxes – that makes the brand pop out at you.

This was a brilliant example of using both sides of Custom Cardboard Pizza Boxes to convey different information: one side tells you about all their product flavors, so you know what’s inside, while the other shows off details about the business and location.

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