Educational Certificates Attestation In Dubai

Since the UAE is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, apostilling documents does not apply to them.Professional applicants having suitable educational degree credentials must have their documents authenticated/attested in order to continue their education or apply for jobs in the UAE.  This includes engineers, accountants, technicians, systems analysts, programmers, banking experts, finance analysts, and all senior positions. 

The attestation of educational degrees in the UAE authenticates the official seals and signatures that are on the certificates, making them legitimate and usable in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

The UAE’s Educational Degree Attestation Process Stages

Depending on the local laws of the country where the document was created, the attestation process for documents will differ in the UAE. The following steps are part of the overall process for educational Degree certificate Attestation in Dubai/UAE:

1. State Attestation 

This step of the UAE educational degree attestation procedure is completed in the nation where the original document was created. Before moving on to the following step, the General Administration Department of the relevant state shall certify any personal certificates, such as birth and death certificates. Attestation from the State Education Department is required for educational certificates at the state level.

2. Ministry of External Affairs Attestation

Following the State Education Department, the document should also have the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the document’s country of origin attest it. If a submitted academic degree is later determined to be a forgery or fake, the ministry will take the certificate. The applicant for attestation may also be subject to fines and penalties.

3. Embassy Attestation 

The UAE embassy in the applicant’s place of origin legalizes the academic degree at this point and authenticates the stamps and signatures on the certificate for use abroad. Note that only documents that have been certified and approved by the State Education Department and Ministry of External Affairs will be accepted for attestation by the UAE embassy/consulate.

4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

Only one stage is required in the UAE, and that is MOFA certification. As one of the main requirements of the Ministry for attestation or authentication and stamping educational degree certificates, make sure embassy attestation has been processed before submitting to the Ministry.

Along with attestation of educational credentials, the Ministry can also vouch for documents such as memorandum and articles of association, commercial or trade licenses, experience certificates, employment contracts, declarations of foreign passport loss, personal certificates, certificates of good standing, and patent registration, among others.

Education Degree Certificate Attestation Requirements in Dubai

  • Depending on the nation where the document was issued, several conditions must be met for an educational degree certificate to be attested in Dubai. The following are the criteria in general:
  • authenticate the original degree certificate.
  • Contract of employment or letter of intent (original duly attested in UAE, if available)
  • Passport and applicant’s Emirates ID
  • Power of attorney for processing a service provider’s degree attestation
  • Copy of the Mark sheet

You can process your educational degree for document attestation in the UAE if it is laminated and from an Indian university. However, it is recommended to give the laminated degree to experts who can remove the lamination for you. This is done to make sure the original document is in good enough shape to be stamped, signed, and attested to.

If you intend to continue your studies in the United Arab Emirates, a transfer certificate can also be attested. For transfer certificates that were issued abroad, document attestation is necessary in order to be admitted to a university in the UAE.

Why are educational certificates in Dubai required to have document attestation?

All persons who intend to work overseas must go through the process of educational degree authentication or attestation, even from the most reputable universities. Employers and government agencies in the UAE and other nations will demand evidence that any educational documents you present are valid and true. The purpose of authentication is to vouch for the legitimacy of particular legal documents. To have your document accepted in the UAE or abroad, having your educational degree validated by all relevant authorities is necessary. You can acquire more information by visiting Ontime Attestation.


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