Transporting E-Liquid

The popularity of E-cigarettes has come and gone over the years, much like any other technological innovation. Large vaporizers that put out a lot of vapor were all the rage a few years ago, but now there’s a new fad on the scene that promises to be the most user-friendly alternative to traditional e-cigarettes eliquid. That, of course, refers to the single-use electronic cigarette.

They say disposable vapes are the most hassle-free way to get your nicotine fix, but is that true?

We’ll be investigating the latest fad in electronic cigarettes today to see if disposable e-cigarettes live up to their promises of being both simple and convenient.

Explaining Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

However, if you’re just getting started with electronic cigarettes, it can be confusing to sort through the various options. All electronic cigarettes work by heating e-liquid, which is a liquid, until it becomes a vapour that is inhaled.

The nicotine (and flavouring) found in e-liquid is what helps smokers finally kick the habit. Nicotine levels in e-liquid range from 2% to 0%, depending on your preference.

Since the vapour from the e-cigarette is what actually enters your body, the E-liquid is the most crucial component. If there’s one thing, we take seriously here at SMOKO, it’s helping you find e-liquid that not only tastes good, but is also safe to use.

And that’s why we’re so pleased with the quality of our British-made e-liquids. All of the e-liquids we sell for use in vapes have been subjected to rigorous testing, far beyond what is required by law. Meaning not only that the e-liquids are risk-free to use, but also that they have a fantastic flavour.

The nicotine in our E-liquid is one of only four ingredients, and the safety of all four has been verified by an external lab.

There is no meaningful difference between the various vapes in terms of the E-liquid they use; instead, we classify them according to their respective hardware.

The single-use electronic cigarette was designed with simplicity in mind. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a one-time use disposable e-cigarette that comes with its own battery and e-liquid already inside. When the disposable e-e-liquid cigarette’s supply is depleted, it’s discarded. If the harm to the environment is disregarded, the task at hand may appear simple.

The pod system is a major threat to the disposable e-cigarette market. The pod is not integrated into the battery, but it is pre-filled like the disposable (so there is no filling or mess). When it comes to practicality, this seemingly minor distinction makes all the difference in the world.

Vapes disposable battery

Many people overlook the importance of the battery when selecting an electronic cigarette, even though it is just as important as the e-liquid. The battery is the heart of the electronic cigarette; without it, the device would be useless.

A fully charged battery is integrated into a disposable electronic cigarette. Meaning it’s charged and ready to go when you buy it, but useless once the battery dies. As with most disposable items, the goal here is simplicity.

Meanwhile, the Pod system’s rechargeable battery is housed in a separate component. POD batteries can be recharged and reused, rather than thrown away once they’ve lost their charge. If you have a spare battery, you can switch the pod over to that and keep vaping while the first battery charges.

Changing batteries is also a breeze. Our pods at SMOKO simply slot into a hole on the battery and are held in place by a magnetic connection.

Making the batteries rechargeable has two major benefits: first, you won’t have to throw away as many batteries, and second, you’ll always be able to use your POD e-cigarette. Because, after all, if the battery dies, you can simply charge it again.

That’s not even close to the convenience of a single-use vape. Even if some e-liquid is still in the disposable after the battery dies, it will be useless for the rest of the day.

You can either bring a fresh disposable with you on a daylong trip, just in case, or risk going without.

Easy access means being able to get what you need when you need it. As opposed to relying on a single battery that may or may not hold up, a POD allows you to carry as many spares as you like.

Capsule vaporizer (POD) Options and Applications

The ability to switch PODs out mid-use is another way in which PODs differ from disposable e-cigarettes.

Because disposables are individually packaged, once you open it, you can’t switch the flavour or strength. You’ll have to buy a new disposable if you want to switch brands or nicotine levels.

However, with the POD, you can switch out flavours and intensities in a matter of seconds. You can switch flavours or intensities at any time by simply removing the POD from the battery and replacing it with a new Pod.

People who prefer to vape at different strengths throughout the day or who like to switch between different flavours will not find a disposable convenient.

Users who prefer a variety of flavours or strengths may have to use several disposable e-cigarettes simultaneously. Worst case scenario, they replace the disposable midway through use.

But suppose you could only ever enjoy a single strength and flavour. The choice for a disposable user going out for the day is the same as it was for the previous disposable user when the battery ran out: take a chance or bring along another disposable in case the first runs out.

This is because, unlike refillable tobacco products, you can’t see how much juice is left in many of the most popular disposable electronic cigarette brands.

Once again, you’ll need to either bring extras with you at all times or keep track of how many puffs you’ve used from your disposable to ensure you have enough.

Here at SMOKO, we made it a point to incorporate a see-through refill design into the POD.

Which is more practical, keeping a stash of disposables in your bag just in case, or having a single pod e-cigarette that you can use all day without worrying about running out of juice?

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