If you are considering expanding your business abroad, Dubai is the best place to start. It has built a solid reputation as one of the best trading hubs in the Middle East and North Africa region. The city has a plentiful supply of highly skilled labor and a high supply of raw materials. Setting up your business in Dubai lets you enjoy the city’s first-class amenities, duty exemptions, and improved infrastructure.

Dubai’s government supports its entrepreneurs by offering numerous policies that make it easy to do business in the region. They recently introduced 100% ownership by foreigners which is a huge game changer for anyone looking to invest in the UAE.

Starting a business in Dubai is pretty straightforward if you decide to hire professional business consultants to help you through the process rather than having to do it yourself. At ICONs Business Setups Services, we offer a variety of company setup packages to help you start your business on the right foot in Dubai.

Here is a look at our Dubai company setup business packages:

Business Establishment in Dubai Mainland

A Dubai Mainland business establishment allows you to put up your business operations in the UAE’s mainland. You can choose your business location without worrying about other legal procedures. We will accomplish the entire business process, including processing the employment visas and all the other business requirements, to ensure you start your business as soon as possible.

Free Zone Business Setup

This package lets you start your business in one of Dubai’s free zones. There are over 30 free zones currently operating in the UAE. We will help you choose one that fits your business the best. Setting up your business in the free zones allows you to freely trade your goods and services without strict customer rules and heavy taxes.

Free zones have numerous incentives that attract entrepreneurs and investors to start a business in those areas without needing a local sponsor. They all have easy access to rail, road, and air and are all known for their low startup costs.

Office Setup Package

Icons Business Setup also offers office setup services to investors. To start a business in Dubai, you have to comply with the Department of Economic Development regulations that require you to have office space to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

We provide excellent office space solutions with free insurance coverage, furnished or unfurnished, free high-speed internet, and premium cleaning services. Our professional business consultants ensure that you get the best office space that suits your needs to start your business running as fast as possible.

Bank Account Opening Package

Dubai has one of the most favorable economic outlooks in the world; hence many companies are setting up shop here. Once you get your business license, you must set up a bank account to manage your financial operations.

Our company will handle all the paperwork with our bank account opening package. We will walk you through the entire process to ensure that process is smooth and efficient.

VAT Services Package

One of the most challenging parts of setting up and growing your business in Dubai is the VAT registration process. It benefits your business considerably if done correctly but can cause serious issues. You will need to keep track of your annual income to see if it surpasses the VAT exceeding the limit to register for VAT.

ICONs Business Setup has in-house tax experts who will provide you with Dubai’s finest VAT registration services. They will consider all the documentation and regulations to ensure you do not miss the mark with the UAE tax system.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How Do I Set Up A Company In Dubai?

Here are some of the significant steps you must take to set up a business in Dubai:

  1. Choose your desired business activity
  2. Choose your preferred jurisdiction (Mainland or Free Zone)
  3. Come up with a company name
  4. Apply for the initial approval
  5. Open your business bank account
  6. Set up your office location
  7. Finally, Get your final approval for the DED.

H3: How Much Will It Cost to Set Up A Company In Dubai?

Registering a company in Dubai ranges from AED 22,000 to AED 24,000, around US$ 6,000 to 6,500.

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