2022 is already started, but are you using old version of Windows? The Windows 10 Pro Guide is an absolute must-read. We’ve discussed Windows 10 Home Edition, Pro Features Pros, and How to Download Windows 10 Full Free ISO 32 Bit and 64 Bit on your Laptop or PC. Check out the complete article and then upgrade up to Windows 10 right away.

download Windows 10 Free Official: It’s been a long while in the past few months since Windows 10 is released and is performing very well. It is currently in beta and many updates are needed, the initial Windows 10 version had so many bugs that a lot of people chose not to go with it and instead chose to install the older and more successful or 8.1. We can also call Windows 10 a hybrid of Windows 8 and. However, after all these massive updates, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose Windows from 2022 onwards since there’s no Windows 12 coming any time soon.

In the case of Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to release two feature upgrades each year, in addition to almost monthly updates to fix bugs, fix security fixes, and improvements. There will not be a release of a new Windows operating system launched. Current versions that are part of Windows 10 will continue to receive updates. In the end, Microsoft is ready to launch the next version of Windows 11 on 2022. The update will be called named the Sun Valley Update. Many are hoping for the next version of Windows to be dubbed Windows 11.

Download Windows 10 Full Free (ISO 32-64 Bit)

We all know that Windows is worldwide or we can say 90% of computers are running on Windows operating system. this is because of Microsoft’s best user-friendly interface. and so far they are making their Graphics and User interface smarter and lighter.

Absolutely, each person is able to use Windows without difficulty. In fact, Windows are quite simple to install and restore. Many have been spreading the rumor the claim that Windows Never Defeat Apple’s OS i.e MAC.

Windows is considered to be the most well-known and popular operating system that has ever made its way onto the market. Every time there’s any update or new version coming out for windows. People are always curious about what they should anticipate from the top player in the market.

How do you feel MAC is superior to Windows? Obviously, most of you don’t utilize MAC OS? But the reality is that you frequently use Windows-based computers. It’s no wonder that you could say that Windows is the most effective and offers a lot of functions that MAC isn’t able to offer.

Features of Windows 10 Full Free Available in 2022.

Why do you need to download Windows 10? Relax! Here’s a list of the most effective pros that can help you choose Windows 10 right next to your Computer

Menu Menu

The most fundamental thing is that the Start menu is back , with a appearance akin to the old start menu in Windows 8.1. Features like live tiles are back and the tiles can be changed in size.

Task viewer redesigned

Microsoft has dropped its Windows 8 task switcher as it has introduced an entirely new task viewer in Windows 10 which allows users to switch between desktops. This change could be influenced by those who are new to using Taskbars to toggle between different desktops, instead of other shortcuts that are provided (Alt+Tab).

Universal applications

Metro apps / Modern appsMetro apps/ Modern apps Windows Store apps are renamed universal apps. These apps may also work with Windows phones, however there’s no official confirmation currently. There will be one app store for everyone Windows 10 users. Additionally, all previous Windows applications will be compatible with Windows 10. The universal apps will work across all platforms, from servers to phones. In addition, they can be viewed within their Windows.

Consolidated screens

Microsoft has decided to eliminate the various menus and screens on Windows 10. Instead, it has placed both together on one screen. The brand new menu for start includes all apps and programs in one location and the start menu is customizable by users.


Cortana is an assistant personal to each Windows 10 user by Microsoft. Cortana can answer any questions asked by users. Cortana could be utilized to monitor conditions of the weather, or to send emails or other messages. Cortana can also be used to find data on Google. Another alternative to Cortana is accessible to users. Bing is a search engine that can also help you find answers to your queries.

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6. High-level security

Windows 10 has set new limits for security, with the best security options available to users. Face detection can be used as well as fingerprints and PINs to create passwords. Additionally, visual passwords or 3-motion gesture passwords are a good option to secure personal data. If the user isn’t satisfied with either of these security options the information on their account can be made into passwords.

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