OBS Studio is a fabulous and valuable device. Recording sound and video for online live streaming is utilized. a direct application made for new clients, gamers, and engineers. Moreover, craftsmen utilize its ease of use by utilizing on the web courses and live transmissions. various real time features, including CyberGame, DailyMotion, Jerk Client, and YouTube Studio. On the product, you can get to Money Play, Hitbox, and numerous different highlights. Obs Studio Windows 7 download is accessible on our site.


Key Highlights

Limitless Sources and Scenes

OBS (open telecom programming) (open telecaster programming) You might control the faultless exchanging of a boundless number of scenes with the utilization of custom advances. There are likewise various glimmering channels for chroma, variety rectification, and veiling.

Normal Sound Blender

the source-explicit channels, for example, commotion concealment and clamor gating. Moreover, the sound blender has gain controls to change the volume of data sources. VST module empowers unlimited authority.

Choices for Arrangement

The Smoothed out Settings board gives admittance to a few arrangement decisions. To change and alter any part of the film, click “Apply Setting.” You can clone an ongoing source, add new ones, and change their qualities at the same time utilizing OBS Download physically.

Individualized Change

You might construct cleaned video projects with configurable advances. by setting up hotkeys for any sort of activity. for example, stopping or continuing spilling between scenes, enacting push-to-talk, muting sound sources, and numerous different things.

Secluded Dock

The format can be changed utilizing the Particular Dock interface. Each Dock has a window through which it very well may be eliminated. Moreover, planning a completely remarkable arrangement that meets your requirements is basic.

Studio Mode

Clients of Studio Mode can contrast and alter changes and only a couple of snaps. It empowers you to actually look at the nature of sources and scenes ahead of streaming. Text, media, and work area recording are undeniably joined. Recordings from different sources are recorded by means of webcam streaming, gaming, and spy screen recorders. Moreover, Multiview helps with review your creation.

Primary Highlights

  • Web live web based and video and sound recording
  • There are various streaming suppliers, including Hitbox, DailyMotion, Jerk, CyberGame, and CashPlay.
  • Astonishing Execution
  • Intuitive Choices for Sound Blender Design
  • Adjustable Progress
  • Studio Mode Secluded Dock interface
  • Multiview
  • Put activities on hotkeys.
  • Totally open-source and promotion free

Is Obs Studio Windows 7 download safe?

Indeed! As an open-source project, the program’s source code is accessible for anyone to look at and alter, permitting you to completely comprehend how it works. All code adjustments are checked by different OBS supporters, it is incorporated to guarantee that no perilous code. Assuming you download OBS from our page, you’ll get the latest adaptation that is sans malware and secure to utilize. OBS incorporates no promotions or appended programming or adware, and it never demands cash. In the event that you’ve been mentioned to pay for OBS, you ought to demand a discount or chargeback of the exchange since this is a trick.


OBS Exemplary is extraordinary programming. It has a vigorous Programming interface that makes it conceivable to make modules with extra customization and usefulness custom-made to your necessities. To acquire the usefulness you require, team up with designers in the streaming business. OBS has been totally updated to be much lighter and more successful than previously.

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