Instagram is a popular social network site. Many people enjoy scrolling through beautiful photos and videos on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t allow users to save photos to their gallery, unlike Facebook. To save an image they like on Instagram, most Instagram users will need to take screenshots.

A screen recorder is required to save an Instagram video. Many Instagram users search for apps that can save images and videos from Instagram. To save the desired image or video, you will need to go through a lot of Ads and websites before finding the right app.

The App’s Key Features

Everything You Need to Download from Instagram Pro

This modified Instagram version allows you to download and save unlimited Instagram images, videos, stories, IGTV video videos, and other media that has been posted on Instagram. It’s easy to save any image in your Instagram gallery.

Instapro has a download option for every post. Simply click the download option to download any media file. You can save IGTV videos and short stories as well as reels.

Media Quality

This app can download photos and videos in the highest quality possible.

No cost

Instagram users don’t need to pay anything to download their favorite photos.


While watching videos and posts, ads can be annoying. This app comes with an Ads-blocker built in and allows users to choose whether or not they want to see ads.

Lock Your Data

This feature allows users to lock all data on their profile. This feature was also missing from the original Instagram version.

In-App Translation Feature

The app’s amazing feature allows users to translate text from captions, comments, and descriptions of posts or other content into any language they desire. Text can be translated from English to Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Ukrainian as well as Turkish, Hindi, Urdu and many other languages from various regions around the globe.

Built-in Browser

You don’t have to copy the link to open an Instagram link. Instead, open the link in your mobile browser. You can open any Instagram link directly from this version by clicking on it.


How do I download and install?

This app is not available in the Google Play Store so you will need to find it elsewhere. It can also be downloaded from this link. This app is third-party and requires permission to install from unknown sources. Download InstaPro file and enable installation from settings. Then, proceed with installation.

Privacy & Security

Privacy is a top priority in today’s world. This app is also privacy-focused.

You are sick of taking screen shots, screen recording and cropping them, then editing them. Instapro Apk is the best app to save your Instagram photos and videos.

InstaPro Apk allows you to save and download anything from Instagram. It is a Mod of Instagram’s actual app. You can download stories, photos, videos, posts, IGTV videos and reels of any Instagrammer. This app doesn’t involve any third-party apps or websites and does all of its work without violating any Instagram privacy policies.


This modified version will enhance your Instagram experience by adding some incredible features such as media saving & download, copying text and opening links, Ad-blocking, and many more. This version has some special features that will make your Instagram experience more enjoyable and different from others.



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