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Before you are qualified to resume your safety-sensitive duties, you must undergo an SAP Evaluation for DOT and complete the return-to-duty process if you are a DOT-mandated employee with a recent failed drug and/or alcohol test.

When operating commercial or revenue vehicles while under the influence of illegal substances like alcohol or drugs, DOT-mandated employees put both their own safety and that of other road users at risk. As a result, drug and alcohol testing will be mandatory for all employees whose jobs are safety-sensitive.

If the BAC reading is greater than 0.04% or if the person tests positive for drugs, they will be immediately removed from safety-sensitive jobs. If so, they will need to locate an SAP in their neighborhood and start the DOT Return to Duty near me by getting a DOT SAP evaluation.

Who is an SAP?

A licensed physician, psychologist, social worker, employee assistance professional, alcohol counselor certified by NAADAC, ICRC, or NBCC, or another professional with the necessary education and experience to serve as DOT Substance Abuse Professionals is typically referred to as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

An SAP’s main duty is to make sure that people who failed DOT drug or alcohol tests are fit to work again.

An SAP Evaluation

An SAP exam, also known as a substance abuse evaluation, is a face-to-face clinical assessment of a person to ascertain precisely what they require to address their issues related to alcohol or drug use. Face-to-face communication is required since it may provide significant physical cues necessary to the appraisal process. Physical slowing or hyperactivity, tremors, needle marks, dilated pupils, exaggerated motions, yellow eyes, glazed or bloodshot eyes, loss of eye contact, appearance, posture, and verbal communication skills are a few examples of this.

Steps in a SAP Evaluation for DOT

A skilled SAP can guarantee a full return to work for the employees. When evaluating a DOT-mandated, safety-sensitive employee, a SAP makes sure that the public’s safety comes first and is taken into account. An employee will be seen for an initial evaluation after they make an appointment with a SAP in their region. After evaluating the employee, the SAP will then suggest a course of therapy or education. The employee will be examined for a follow-up examination and most likely be directed to submit to a return-to-duty drug and/or alcohol test after successfully following the regimen indicated by their SAP. If they get a bad answer, they can then be considered for returning to safety-sensitive tasks.

SAP Evaluation near me
SAP Evaluation near me

Role of a Substance Abuse Professional

The Federal DOT statutes for alcohol and drug testing as well as the return to duty procedure have been specifically taught to the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). They are able to ascertain the assistance an employee will require and when they are prepared to return to work thanks to this, together with their licensed training in alcohol and drug misuse evaluations. A worker must complete three basic phases in order to return to work, roughly speaking.

Return-to-duty and follow-up SAP Evaluation near me

In order to resume driving after a failed drug test, a driver must start the SAP Return to Duty Program for Truck Drivers and then submit to follow-up testing for the following 12+ months.

Employers and drivers need to comprehend this SAP process more than ever these days. The new DOT Clearinghouse estimates that nearly 11,000 drivers were identified as having positive drug test results in the first two months. Before they may start doing safety-sensitive tasks, this personnel must go through the SAP and return-to-duty procedures.

To identify and manage drug abuse issues in the workplace, employers and employees can use the DOT SAP Program evaluation. An employee’s substance misuse problem and the best level of treatment are determined during the evaluation procedure. A physical examination, a psychiatric assessment, and a drug abuse evaluation are all part of the evaluation procedure. A certified SAP Program near me manages the examination procedure. If you require a DOT SAP evaluation right away, call SAP Evaluation.

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