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Gathering with your loved ones for delicious food and a few refreshing drinks is never a bad idea. People conducted cocktail parties, usually for wedding parties or corporate meetings. However, nowadays, you don’t need any specific reason to throw a cocktail party.

Well, can you throw a cocktail party like a pro? People often think of cocktails parties as complicated and expensive. But, this might not always be true. Finding a restaurant with the best nonalcoholic drinks in Merritt is a perfect way to host a budget-friendly party.

When it comes to gathering, entertaining, and eating with your loved ones, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to know.


1. Begin with the Basics.

Your cocktail menu must be excellent the way you are. All you need is to start with the basics. Because hosting a fabulous cocktail party does not mean you have to serve a fully stocked bar to your guests. Continue reading the following points to know the basic things.

If you are hosting your party at home or a restaurant, you need a good catering service. If the catering service provides crockery, ask them for proper plating and glasses according to your theme. However, if they do not provide it, you must arrange it yourself beforehand.

2. Do consider serving Signature Cocktails.

Your guest will surely appreciate the top-notch cocktail. Serve the following famous signature drinks to make the party memorable for everyone. Also, try to keep it simple with the best nonalcoholic drinks in Merritt for those who don’t drink.

  • Seasonal vodka drinks
  • Gin and tonic
  • Fancy martini
  • Selection of finest wine
  • Champagne
  • Beer and nonalcoholic beer

You are all set to turn up the drink menu with all these beverage options. The only key point you should ensure is that these drinks should neither be too strong nor sweet.

3. Don’t miss out on snacks.

While discussing the drinks menu, make sure you ask your guest about their dietary preferences. Many cocktail fares involve meat and cheese that some of your guests might not prefer having. So, ask beforehand and be on the safer side. This way, your guest will enjoy the snacks with their drinks, and your food and money won’t waste.

Looking for something easy to go with the drinks? Consider adding gourmet finger food like nachos, cheese, vegetables, meat, pork belly, and scallops.

4. Don’t forget the mixers.

Water, soda, juice, and tonics are always a savior. You must ensure while planning a family-friendly cocktail party to add fresh juice to your menu. However, you can lookout for the best restaurant to buy nonalcoholic beer online in Merritt, Canada.

If any of your guests have dietary limitations, make sure you make them feel comfortable. You can offer them snacks and beverages according to their diet plan. After all, your nonalcoholic guests need some fun too.

5. Set Ideal timing for everyone.

Snacks usually accompany cocktail parties, and the dinner depends entirely upto you. Therefore, it is essential to set a convenient party time for everyone. This way, they can return to their respective homes on time.


While planning a cocktail party, there are some essential points to consider, especially when you are hosting a family-friendly cocktail party.

Do not send invitations at the very last moment. Well, this may leave a wrong impression on the guests. Also, some might not be able to attend due to the last-minute invite.

Do not arrange a seating order for everyone. Let the guest rock the floor by dancing rather than just sitting and getting bored. Don’t fill up the entire menu with alcohol. There will be guests of all types. You can buy nonalcoholic beer online in Merritt, Canada.

The Final Thought

Hosting a party can be stressful, especially a cocktail one. However, you should remember that the party is for you too. So, take some time off and hire the best catering service. They will help you serve delicious piping hot food with ice-cold beverages. Thus, you will be all set to chill and relax with your loved ones.

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