Spices are an important element of an Indian household, and there are plenty of them. As a result, everyone who enjoys cooking with spices has the same question: Do spices go bad? Do they have an expiration date? After all, they’re dry and remain on the shelf for a long time, so you’d think they’d last forever, but this isn’t always the case with spices.

Spices do not spoil like milk or spoil like fresh vegetables; instead, spices lose their scent and flavour over time. Cumin seeds that have been sitting on your shelf for two years will not kill you, but they will lose their flavour and scent, which you enjoy in your recipes. Second, the spices will go rancid, disrupting their molecular composition and rendering them useless.

To keep spices fresh, take extra precautions, such as never purchasing spices in bulk. We Indians have a tendency to buy spices in quantity because we believe that excellent spices will be hard to come by after the season, but this is not the case. Roopak Masala sells high-quality items. Spices should be stored in airtight containers since too much airflow can degrade the quality of the spices and shorten their shelf life.


Spices that are exposed to direct sunlight will lose their freshness; therefore keep them in a dark spot away from direct heat and sunshine.

If possible, purchase whole spices and roast and grind them at home as needed; this will extend the life of your spices.

Spices should not be frozen because they will lose quality as they will be exposed to air.

Now that we know how to store spices to keep them fresh, how can we know when they’ve gone bad?

Here’s How To Do It:

To assess the freshness of your spices, start with a sniff test. It’s a good clue that your spices have gone bad if you smell something intense and distinct, or if you detect any fading in the colour of the spice. And now, in general, make an informed conclusion.

Indefinitely, salt

3–4 years for whole spices

1–1.5 years for ground spices

Basil, oregano, and rosemary are leafy herbs that take 1-2 years to mature.

We’ve all got a few jars of spices that have been lying on the shelf for at least a decade, and we think it’s time to get rid of them.

What about the old spices, though? Is it true that they’re a hopeless case? Certainly not. If the spices aren’t too old, you may certainly revitalise them and give them a new lease on life.

Here Are Two Easy Ways To Bring Your Old Spices Back To Life:

The tastes of the spices can be revived with a gently toast in the pan. Simply toast the spices over medium heat until they become substantially more fragrant, then cool and store in the jar. Before cooking with the spices, fry them in hot oil to bring out their flavour. Spices like cumin and coriander can be added to boiling oil and stirred in.

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